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Top 25 NZX companies not solely reliant on banks for funding
Most of NZX's top 25 listed companies now have a diverse mix of debt funding - a trend which is likely to continue.
New Zealand
7 Mar 2019
The new PPSR – you need to get on to it now
The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) incorporates the introduction of the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).
New Zealand
23 Nov 2018
Classification of creditors in Part 14 compromises
Creditors with different rights or interests can be classed together in a compromise under Part 14 of the Companies Act.
New Zealand
26 Aug 2018
New rules on company creditor compromises
These decisions, setting aside creditors' compromises, give new guidance on parameters of Part 14 of the Companies Act.
New Zealand
10 Mar 2017
Lenders can use Property Law Act notices to call up a loan
The Court of Appeal has ruled that a lender can issue an acceleration notice without waiting for a PLA notice to expire.
New Zealand
9 Aug 2015
Can a lender use a Property Law Act notice to call up a loan?
The High Court has ruled that a lender cannot issue a notice to accelerate a loan before the expiry of a Property Law Act notice.
New Zealand
15 Mar 2015
Model PPSA provisions for Australian security documents
Five international law firms with a presence in Australia have got together and developed a set of model PPSA provisions.
New Zealand
9 Jun 2013
Supreme Court clarifies PPSA regime; confirms 'statutory fixed charge'
The Court has clarified some fundamental aspects of the PPSA regime – e.g. all security interests are fixed in nature.
New Zealand
18 Dec 2012
PPSA priority set by date of registration, not perfection
The Court of Appeal has reversed a High Court decision on a PPSA issue, described as being of "practical significance".
New Zealand
8 Oct 2012
High Court clarifies PPSA priority race rules
Priority between competing security interests under the PPSA is assessed at the time those interests come into conflict.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2012
Lien vs Security Interest - who wins?
Personal Property Securities Act (NZ) may give common law or statutory liens special priority over secured creditors.
New Zealand
8 Nov 2011
Tighter trustee requirements – with more to come
Brief on new regulations and its effect on trustees of debt securities, KiwiSaver schemes and unit trusts.
New Zealand
16 Sep 2011
Climbing Mount Improbable - bringing reason to the regulation of derivatives
A look at the Financial Markets Conduct Bill; its scope and direction as it applies to derivatives regulation.
New Zealand
14 Sep 2011
Listed issuers and the Financial Markets Conduct Bill
An overview of the proposals affecting listed issuers and prospective issuers concerning the draft Financial Markets Conduct Bill.
New Zealand
12 Sep 2011
Crime and punishment in the draft Financial Markets Conduct Bill
An overview of the Financial Markets Conduct Bill.
New Zealand
6 Sep 2011
Not for the faint hearted: 400 page draft Financial Markets Conduct Bill
Discussion of Securities Law Review now in the final phases.
New Zealand
10 Aug 2011
Continuous disclosure and the obligation to be accurate
Discusses the role of the NZX as market regulator and listed company.
New Zealand
3 Aug 2011
Security agreements signed just before liquidation: is the Personal Property Securities Act the answer?
Does the registration date on the PPS Register determine priority between competing security interests?
New Zealand
30 Jun 2011
Lessons from the Crafar receivership - Part Three: identifying personal property
Discusses the Gibson & Stiassny v StockCo & Ors litigation.
New Zealand
17 Jun 2011
Further decisions in Securities Law Review
The latest Cabinet decisions in the review of securities law are now out, including the proposed penalties regime. This Brief Counsel provides a user-friendly guide to the new proposals.
New Zealand
6 Jun 2011
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