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What Is ‘Table' Child Support And Why Is It So Hard To Get It Reduced?
Separated spouses who pay child support are often surprised by the short shrift family lawyers give them when they ask why there is such strict adherence to the "table" child support calculated
16 Aug 2019
Senate Report Urges Action On Open Banking
In June 2019, the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce (the "Committee") released its report on open banking, entitled "Open Banking: What it Means for You" (the "Report").
31 Jul 2019
When AI Makes A Bad Decision, Who's Legally Responsible? Lisa R. Lifshitz Speaks To CBC About How These Legal Issues Might Apply In Canada
A Hong Kong billionaire, an investment manager, and a money managing supercomputer called K1 – what could go wrong?
25 Jul 2019
If You Rack Up Debt After Separation, Don't Expect Your Former Spouse To Pay For It
Sharing the assets and liabilities a couple acquired during a marriage is a standard part of any separation.
27 May 2019
Highlights Of Canadian Federal 2019 Budget
On March 19, 2019, the Department of Finance (Canada) tabled a budget (the "Budget") in anticipation of its upcoming fall election. Given the substantial tax changes proposed (and enacted)
1 Apr 2019
Fire Code Charges Withdrawn Against Foster Home Operator
On February 24, 2017, a foster home operated by Connor Homes was engulfed in flames after one of the youth living in the home deliberately started a fire inside the premises.
20 Nov 2018
Young Couples Living Together To Save On Housing Costs Need To Sign This Often Overlooked Pact — Laurie Pawlitz Speaks To The Globe & Mail On The Importance Of Cohabitation Agreements
Laurie Pawlitza gets a lot of starry-eyed clients in her office – they're often young couples who are moving in to their first home and come in asking for cohabitation agreements...
20 Nov 2018
Andrew Wilder Speaks To Marijuana.Com About Why The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Is Afraid Of Canadians Doing Business With American Cannabis Companies
Andrew Wilder, Cannabis Law Group Chair, was quoted today in's article that considers why the Toronto Stock Exchange afraid of Canadians doing business with American cannabis companies.
19 Oct 2018
A Big Win For The Crown - Deemed Trusts Take Priority Over Security Interests
As a consequence of this decision, secured creditors will need to pay attention to these statutory deemed trusts in assessing their lending risk.
10 Sep 2018
Does An Ontario Court Have The Jurisdiction To Enforce An Ontario Guarantee Against An Alberta Guarantor?
It is common for lenders and other parties in Ontario to require a guarantor in another province to execute an Ontario form of guarantee.
30 Nov 2017
Guidance For Public Issuers With U.S. Marijuana-Related Activities
As part of the TSX's standard review of listed issuers, the TSX will conduct in-depth reviews on select issuers' continuous disclosure records.
6 Nov 2017
BHL v. Leumi ABL Limited: Collection Fees Charged Under Factoring Agreements
BHL v. Leumi ABL Limited [2017] EWHC 1871 (QB) is a factoring case which was decided at the end of July 2017 by the High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division, in London, England.
4 Oct 2017
PPSA Registrations Against Corporate Debtors With English/French Names
The decision in the HarbourEdge case has important implications for lenders who wish to take security over personal property.
7 Jul 2017
Ontario Divisional Court Reviews Priorities Among Mortgagees That Were Victims Of Mortgage Fraud
In a recent decision, CIBC Mortgages Inc. v Computershare Trust Co. of Canada (2016 ONSC 7094 (Div. Ct.), the Ontario Divisional Court dealt with a priority dispute between innocent mortgagees...
12 May 2017
Notice Of Assignment Of Accounts Receivable Under The PPSA: What Every Factor Should Know
Factoring is the legal relationship between a financial institution and a business selling goods or providing services to a trade customer, pursuant to which the Factor purchases the accounts receivable owing to the Client by its Customer.
7 Apr 2017
The Supreme Court Of Canada Rules On When Lenders May Share Personal Information Without Violating Federal Privacy Legislation
This aspect of the case was perhaps the most controversial and attracted considerable criticism from various commentators.
6 Dec 2016
Are Option Agreements Unbalanced? They Should Be.
At first glance, a commercial agreement that provides for an option to purchase property or a right may seem unfair.
30 Jun 2016
Section 50 Of The Planning Act Keeps Causing Real Estate Title Problems
A recent number of real estate claims to LawPro and title insurers has prompted another bulletin on careful title searching and the need to be aware of Planning Act traps.
17 May 2016
Where Oh Where Is My Debtor? Recent Changes To The Ontario Personal Property Security Act
There is an old expression that "the more things change, the more they stay the same". This could apply to some recent amendments to the Ontario Personal Property Security Act R.S.O. 1990 c.P.10.
14 Mar 2016
Giving Undertaking Or Deficiency Agreements To Lenders/Creditors: Mere Words Or Are They Much More?
In a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision (Global Food Traders Inc. v. Massalin (2015 O.J. No. 2577) the issue before the Court was as follows...
25 Feb 2016
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