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Risk Factor Guidelines
The guidelines also note that the jurisdiction in which the client is based, operates and has personal links will be relevant.
6 Jun 2019
EU Special Committee On Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion And Tax Avoidance (TAX3)- Final Report
The report acknowledges the exit taxation rules adopted by the EU in the ATAD I and the implementation of the BEPS action plan.
European Union
15 May 2019
European Bank For Reconstruction And Development Announces Call For "Free Individual Coaching Sessions To New Businesses"
The Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry of Cyprus announced the call for participation in the Business Clinics Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
European Union
9 May 2019
Reference Rates For Notional Interest Deduction For 2019
Article 9(B) of the Income Tax Law 2002 provides for a notional interest deduction for tax purposes on new equity capital injected into companies and permanent establishments of foreign companies on or after 1 January...
6 Feb 2019
Entry Into Force Of The Double Taxation Agreement Between Cyprus And Saudi Arabia
The Cyprus Ministry of Finance has made known that the double tax agreement with Saudi Arabia, which was signed on 3 January 2018, will enter into force on 1 March 2019.
24 Jan 2019
Substantial Reduction Of Non-Performing Loans In The Cyprus Banking Sector
On 11 January 2019 the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) published on its website its latest monthly analysis of data on non-performing loans in the Cyprus banking sector ...
21 Jan 2019
Central Bank Of Cyprus Countercyclical Capital Buffer For The First Quarter Of 2019
The countercyclical capital buffer (CCB) was introduced as part of the Basel III regime to help counter cyclicality in the financial system.
European Union
7 Jan 2019
Submission Of Reports Under The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
Article 3 (Exemptions) and Article 24 (Transparency Requirements) of Directive 2011/61/EU on Alternative Investment Fund Managers require AIFMs ...
7 Jan 2019
Strengthening Of Our Presence In Western Europe
We are delighted to announce that we have strengthened our presence in Western Europe with the acquisition of Jurispectrum, a niche business law firm which operates in Belgium and Luxembourg.
27 Dec 2018
Helping You Through Changing Times - Our European Brexit Tracker For Financial Services Institutions
Is there an existing Cooperation Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding in place between the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ...
14 Dec 2018
Central Bank Of Cyprus Guidance On Dealings With Shell Companies
Business relationships with such companies are to be avoided.
13 Dec 2018
Reduction Of Non-Performing Loans In The Cyprus Banking Sector - November 2018
Since the end of 2014, banks have succeeded in reducing aggregate non-performing debt by almost 40 percent, from €27,328 million to €16,610 million.
16 Nov 2018
Reduction Of Non-Performing Loans In The Cyprus Banking Sector (September 2018)
On 14 September the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) published its latest analysis of data on non-performing loans in the Cyprus banking sector, covering the period to 31 May 2018 ...
27 Sep 2018
Latest Central Bank Of Cyprus Investment Funds Statistics
On 24 May the Central Bank of Cyprus released its latest statistics on Cyprus-based investment funds, produced on the basis of the revised European System of Accounts 2010, giving information as at 31 March 2018.
30 May 2018
Cyprus Investment Firms' Operations Outside The European Economic Area
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a further reminder to Cyprus Investment Firms it supervises regarding the procedures to be followed by firms intending to provide investment ...
15 Feb 2018
Consultation On Proposed New Prudential Framework For Investment Firms
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ("CySEC") has issued a notification to entities it regulates and to participants in the market in general of the consultation process ...
9 Feb 2018
Central Bank Of Cyprus Clarification Regarding "Significant Supervised Entities"
The Central Bank of Cyprus has issued a clarification on its website regarding Cyprus banks which are categorised as "significant supervised entities" and supervised directly by the European Central Bank....
31 Jan 2018
Designation Of Central Bank Of Cyprus As National Information Authority
Law 169(I) of 2017 and Law 170 (1) of 2017, which took effect on 1 December 2017, amend the Business of Credit Institutions Laws of 1997 to 2017 ...
24 Jan 2018
Obligations Of Cyprus Investment Firms Regarding Warnings On Complex Financial Instruments Marketed To Retail Investors Resident In Spain
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a circular, number C248 dated 3 November 2017, to Cyprus Investment Firms it regulates...
14 Nov 2017
Revision Of The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate Under Article 314A Of The Criminal Code
In 2011 the Criminal Code was amended by the addition of a new article 314A, which makes it a criminal offence, punishable by up to 5 years' imprisonment, a fine of up to EUR30,000 or both...
8 Nov 2017
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