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Green Card in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Council of Ministers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently issued the facility of Green Card.
Saudi Arabia
15 Jul 2019
The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia's New Commercial Mortgage Law Of 2018
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared a new commercial mortgages law (the "New Law") by the Royal Decree Number M/86 dated 08/08/1439H (which corresponds to April 24, 2018)
Saudi Arabia
19 Mar 2019
Sukuk Al Mudaraba: Issues Relating To Distribution Of Losses Between The Issuer And Investors
Companies have increasingly looked to Sukuk issuances as a Shari'a compliant method to raise finance for their growing financial needs.
Saudi Arabia
21 Dec 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2018
Welcome to our monthly update which provides a recap of recent legal developments, including finance and capital market developments ...
Saudi Arabia
30 Nov 2018
Registration Of Mortgage Over Marine Vessels In Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is implementing drastic changes to transform the Saudi market, attract substantive foreign investors (Investors) ...
Saudi Arabia
19 Sep 2018
Mortgage Enforcement Through The Abu Dhabi Summary Court
The Abu Dhabi Summary Court recently issued an order in relation to enforcement proceedings filed by a bank (mortgagee/creditor) against mortgaged property.
Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 2018
Real Estate, Hotels & Leisure In Focus
It has been a busy year for our growing team of lawyers advising and helping our clients operating in the world of real estate, hotels and leisure.
Saudi Arabia
6 Jun 2018
The Introduction Of A New Law Regulating Dealings With Foreign Stock Exchanges
The aftershocks of the global financial crisis of 2007 deeply affected Jordan's stock market exposing a number of sham transactions in relation to, among other things dealings in foreign stock exchanges.
Saudi Arabia
20 Mar 2018
Update – October 2017
Government to implement further anti-concealment (Tassatur) measures
Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2017
Marketing Foreign Funds Into The UAE: Update
This article summarises the current position as regards the promotion of foreign funds into the UAE on a cross-border basis.
Saudi Arabia
10 Oct 2017
SAMA Circular Concerning Variable-Cost Real Estate Financing Products Offered To Individual Customers
The Circular reminds financial institutions of the importance of explaining to Customers the nature of Products, their costs, anticipated benefits and risks.
Saudi Arabia
26 Sep 2017
Establishment Of The Parallel Market Of The Saudi Stock Exchange
On 21 December 2016, the Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia approved the Parallel Market Listing Rules, thereby establishing the Parallel Market, an alternative market to the Main Market of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).
Saudi Arabia
25 Jul 2017
Circular Concerning The Enforcement Of Financing Arrangements Made With Unlicensed Financiers
Article 4 of the Finance Companies Control Law and Article 4 of its Implementation Regulations prohibit the carrying out of finance activities without a license from SAMA.
Saudi Arabia
20 Jun 2017
The Circular Of The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Concerning The Mortaging Of Real Estate In Favor Of Banks And Financial Institutions
SAMA has also requested that it be informed of any instance where a Public Notary refuses to record a mortgage on a real estate.
Saudi Arabia
20 Jun 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2017
As a result of the crash in oil prices in mid-2014, the Saudi government was forced to cancel projects and delay payments to some of the private sector companies...
Saudi Arabia
9 Feb 2017
Labuan IBFC To Play A Role To Assist In Achieving Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030
Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) is set to play a complementary role as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia moves forward to achieving its Vision 2030...
Saudi Arabia
6 Jan 2017
The New Saudi Parallel Market Listing Rules
Pursuant to Resolution number 3-151-2016 dated 21 December 2016, the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority issued the Parallel Market Listing Rules (the "Rules").
Saudi Arabia
28 Dec 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2016
Despite the new system, the existing Nitaqat procedure for categorizing companies based on their size and the industry in which they operate, ranking them on a color-coded scale...
Saudi Arabia
1 Dec 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - October 2016
Saudization is the colloquial term used to refer to Saudi Arabia's official government policy of encouraging the employment of Saudi Arabian nationals in the private sector.
Saudi Arabia
8 Nov 2016
New Saudi Qualified Foreign Investor Rules And IPO Book Building Instructions Approved
This year has witnessed remarkable legal developments in the capital markets landscape of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia
26 Oct 2016
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