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New Jersey Legislature Considering 75% Tax On Electronic Cigarettes, Other Tobacco Product Tax And Licensure Changes
Pending before the New Jersey Legislature is Assembly Bill No. 1586, which, among other things, would "impose[] the New Jersey Tobacco Products Wholesale Sales and Use Tax on electronic cigarettes."
United States
28 Feb 2018
President Trump Imposes Tariffs On Imported Solar Cells And Modules
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced that President Trump has implemented tariffs on imported solar cells and modules.
United States
24 Jan 2018
Bills That Would Expand And Increase The Tobacco Excise Tax Pending In Congress
Little has transpired on two bills that would expand and increase the excise tax on tobacco products.
United States
5 Dec 2017
Pennsylvania State Court To Get First Say In Vapor Products Tax Case
Pending a Pennsylvania state court's determination of claims under state law, a federal court has put on hold a federal challenge to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's expansive reading of Pennsylvania's new tax on vapor products.
United States
8 Aug 2017
Legislation Proposed To Revamp Pennsylvania Vape Tax
Just last year, Pennsylvania passed a draconian new tax on electronic cigarettes.
United States
6 Jul 2017
Blunt Wraps Taxable "Tobacco Products," Divided Colorado Supreme Court Concludes
Are blunt wraps taxable "tobacco products"? Are they "suitable . . . for smoking in a pipe or otherwise"?
United States
14 Jun 2017
Hawaii Seeks To Impose Excise Tax On Electronic Smoking Devices & E-Liquids
The Hawaii Senate has passed a bill that would tax e-liquids and "electronic smoking devices." The bill now awaits further action in the Hawaii House of Representatives.
United States
10 Apr 2016
Vermont Introduces Bill To Impose Excise Tax On E-Cigarettes
A bill introduced March 25, 2016 in the Vermont legislature proposes to impose an excise tax on e-cigarettes by redefining "other tobacco products" to include any product manufactured from, derived from, or containing tobacco...
United States
10 Apr 2016
Georgia Proposes Major Changes To Tobacco Escrow Statute
The Georgia House and Senate have both approved a new law that would change nonparticipating manufacturers' responsibilities for making escrow payments for cigarette sales in the state.
United States
5 Apr 2016
New York State Bills Would Ban E-Cigarette Refills And Tax Cartridges
Two bills recently introduced in the New York State Assembly would regulate vapor products.
United States
29 Jan 2015
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