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Prohibition On The Retroactive Application Of The VAT Provisions
On 13 February 2019 the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) delivered a ruling in a Hungarian case concerning the application of the provisions on VAT.
European Union
5 Apr 2019
Debate On A Gradual Transition To Qualified Majority Voting In EU Taxation Policy
On 15 January 2019 the Commission has kick-started the debate on reforming decision-making for areas of EU taxation policy
28 Mar 2019
VAT Exemption For Individuals Will Be Increased To HUF 12 Million
From January 2019 the VAT exemption threshold for individuals will be increased to HUF 12 million from the current limit of HUF 8 million. During the summer 2018 the Hungarian Parliament...
5 Dec 2018
The 5% Vat Rate After 31 December 2019
As to the pending issue of the preferential VAT rate of 5% for new residential properties, finally the new tax laws approved by the Hungarian Parliament in November 2018 will remain...
28 Nov 2018
Reform Of The VAT System Is Welcomed By The European Parliament
The common value added tax (VAT) system plays an important role in Europe's Single Market. VAT is a major and growing source of revenue in the EU, raising over €1 trillion in 2015,
European Union
20 Nov 2018
Komoly újdonság jön a társasági adózásban
A kormány által október 19-én benyújtott adócsomag egyik legfontosabb eleme a csoportos társaságiadó-alanyiság lehetőségének megteremtése 2019.
16 Nov 2018
VAT Exemption For Small Enterprises Might Be Increased To HUF 12 Million
The finance ministers of the European Union Member States support the request of the Hungarian Government relating to the tax reduction and simplification for small enterprises.
13 Nov 2018
VAT Treatment Of Property Sales After The End Of The 5% Vat Rate
From 1 January 2020, the reduced tax rate of 5% applicable to the flats to be constructed or existing in a multi-unit residential building with a total net floor space not exceeding 150 square meters and to the...
2 Nov 2018
A New Hungarian VAT And Stamp Duty Scheme Is Proposed By Real Estate Developers
The discounted 5% VAT rate introduced in 2016 will be abolished as of 1 January 2020, meaning that the 27% VAT
10 Sep 2018
Expected Changes In The Hungarian VAT Reclaiming Practice
On the basis of current practice of the Hungarian tax authority, Hungarian taxpayers are not always able to recover value added tax they pay even the Court of Justice of the European Union had stated
8 Aug 2018
The Effects Of Termination Of The Reduced VAT Rate Relating To New Flats
Under the Hungarian VAT Act, from 1 January 2016 instead of the general VAT tax rate of 27%, a reduced tax rate of 5% is applicable to the flats to be constructed or existing in a multi-unit residential building...
11 Jun 2018
EU Court's Decision On The Hungarian Food Chain Inspection Fee And Tobacco Sales Tax
In 2015 Hungary introduced two special progressive taxes, i.e. the ‘food chain inspection fee' in order to cover the costs of sanitary inspections and the ‘healthcare contribution' to reduce the negative effects ...
31 May 2018
The Threshold Of Tax Exemption For Low Tax-Bracket Enterprises May Be Increased
From 2019 the turnover threshold of tax exemption may continue to rise which would allow more micro and small business to issue VAT-exempt invoices in the framework of the low tax-bracket scheme.
25 Apr 2018
Deletion Instead Of Suspension Of Tax Number From 1 January 2018 In Hungary
According to the bill on the new tax procedural rules entering into force on 1 January 2018, a tax number cannot be suspended by the tax authority any longer.
1 Feb 2018
Invoice Data-Reporting Obligations From 1 July 2018 In Hungary
Based on the recently modified Hungarian VAT Act, in case of invoices issued in connection with transactions between resident taxpayers, the issuer of the invoice is obliged to report data...
1 Feb 2018
Hungarian VAT Regulations Are Contrary To The EU Law
A grain trader Hungarian company had requested to refund of about HUF 4.5 billion VAT from the tax authority.
European Union
26 Jan 2018
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