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Where Is The Best Country To Launch An ICO – Switzerland Or Gibraltar?
As the owner of a start-up or a crypto investor researching blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, no doubt you have already read numerous articles comparing the various crypto-friendly countries...
29 May 2018
Why Gibraltar Is The Place For You And Your Business?
There are many factors which would attract someone to relocate to Gibraltar. Situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, "the Rock" enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
31 Jan 2012
When Is A Loan Not A Loan?
The recent UK case of MJP Media Services Ltd v HMRC has highlighted the importance of ensuring that payments claiming to be loans must be made directly to the debtor for them to use as necessary and that, if challenged, taxpayers must retain and be able to produce sufficient evidence to support its case.
16 Nov 2011
Gibraltar IP Structuring Opportunities
The new Income Tax Act ("the Act"), which came into force on 1st January 2011, introduces a new corporate tax rate of 10% and various other changes to the taxation regime in Gibraltar.
4 Aug 2011
When the Past, Present and Future Meet
‘Tax havens’ have come under considerable outside pressure over the last 10 years. As a Gibraltar legal practitioner, I took an early professional interest in writing about developments in the offshore industry and I could sense the change in the wind and prevailing currents that had propelled a handful of small jurisdictions into the forefront of international finance.
1 Nov 2010
New Corporate Tax Regime Redefines Gibraltar
There are many factors which would attract someone to relocate to Gibraltar. Situated on the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula, "the Rock" enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
4 Oct 2010
Gibraltar – 2007 Review
Spurred in part by the fiscal requirements of the European Union, Gibraltar’s decision to pursue a policy of “low tax” rather than “no tax” continues to make the jurisdiction attractive to international investors
6 Dec 2007
Corporate Countdown - Setting Out A Tax Timetable
While not as dramatic as anticipated, Gibraltar’s recent budget provides a timetable for the long-awaited introduction of a new low corporate tax regime, says Michael Castiel, partner at Hassans.
1 Oct 2007
ECJ To Decide Fate Of Gibraltar’s Corporate Tax Regime
An oral hearing before the European Court of Justice was conducted on March 14 in a case dating back to 2004 that involves the government of Gibraltar and the European Commission.
19 Jul 2007
Gibraltar Reduces Corporate Taxes
Reflecting Gibraltar’s strong and continuing economic growth, this year’s Budget, presented to Parliament by the Government at the end of June, provides a time-table for the long-awaited introduction of a low corporate tax regime. And while an immediate 2 per cent reduction in the tax paid by tax resident companies – from 35 to 33 per cent – has disappointed the local business community, they and investors will take some consolation from the fact that the Government committed to a timetable to
4 Jul 2007
Gibraltar´s Tax Case Against The EU Commission
Although it may be as long as three months before Gibraltar learns whether or not its tax case against the European Commission has been successful, this week’s four and a half hour hearing of oral evidence before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has strengthened a sense of quiet optimism about the outcome among the Government’s legal team. A ruling in Gibraltar’s favour will open the door to a new tax structure that, it is widely believed, will see the application of an across-the-bo
23 Apr 2007
Gibraltar – New tax measures in 2005
The optimism over Gibraltar’s on-going economic growth and the development of the jurisdiction as a leading and well regulated finance centre has continued in 2005 despite some uncertainty surrounding the final outcome of a legal ruling on Gibraltar’s proposed new measures on corporate taxes
5 Dec 2005
New Tax Measures July 2005
Helped by more than £4 million in tax revenues from the burgeoning internet gaming companies, and several "one-off" property development deals, Gibraltar’s fiscal accounts remain healthy and the economy continues to forge ahead.
3 Aug 2005
EC Ruling on Exempt Companies
Hammered out over the past year in protracted negotiations between Gibraltar, Britain and the European Commission, an agreement to extend the tax exempt status of 8,464 Gibraltar registered companies until December 2010 removes much uncertainty hanging over Gibraltar’s Finance Centre.
12 Apr 2005
Gibraltar Qualifying Company Status to be Phased Out
In a confidential document obtained by the Gibraltar Chronicle, it is claimed that Finance Centre Director James Tipping has told 200 locally based firms that the European Commission may force the Gibraltar government to abolish the qualifying company tax regime.
4 Apr 2005
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