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Inbound Interest Bearing Loans – Section 31 Versus Section 23M Of The Income Tax Act
"There can be no objection in principle to the deduction of interest on loans in suitable cases. Loan capital is the life blood of many businesses
South Africa
22 Sep 2019
Broadening The Scope Of The South African Transfer Pricing Rules
South Africa has transfer pricing legislation which generally applies to cross border transactions between connected persons
South Africa
16 Sep 2019
Africa Tax In Brief - 13 Aug 2019
The transfer pricing regulations gazetted on 21 December 2018 became effective on 1 July 2019.
South Africa
21 Aug 2019
Tax In Brief | Issue 29
application to stay execution process commenced pursuant to taxes raised following the late filing of value-added tax and income tax returns
South Africa
9 Jul 2019
Africa Tax In Brief – 18 June 2019
On 26 May 2019, the Council of Ministers endorsed a new bill amending Customs Proclamation No. 859/2014,
South Africa
4 Jul 2019
Africa Tax In Brief 12 Mar 2019
Botswana and Zambia signed the ACFTA on 10 February 2019 at the 32nd summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, whereas the Ethiopian Council of Ministers approved the ACFTA on 2 February 2019...
South Africa
3 May 2019
Africa Tax In Brief - 13 March 2019
Botswana and Zambia signed the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement ("ACFTA") on 10 February 2019 at the 32nd summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa,
South Africa
22 Mar 2019
2019 South African Budget Speech Summary/Tax Proposals
A very conservative budget was read by the South African Minister of Finance today, 20 February 2019. There are no notable increases in any of the direct or indirect taxes.
South Africa
12 Mar 2019
Africa Tax In Brief - February 2019
Guinea deposited its instrument of ratification for the ACFTA on 16 October 2018 and Uganda on 28 November 2018.
South Africa
18 Feb 2019
Punitive Proposed Amendment To South Africa's Transfer Pricing Provisions
Transfer pricing is a self-assessment mechanism that aims to ensure that taxpayers identify all potential cross-border transactions, operations, schemes, agreements or understandings that have been entered into between connected persons ...
South Africa
11 Oct 2018
Impact Of China's Investment On The South African Tax Base
The news that China has committed to invest approximately R200-billion in South Africa was greeted with much fanfare throughout the country.
South Africa
10 Oct 2018
Africa Tax In Brief – 3 October 2018
Decree No. 18/024, amending the Mining Regulation, was published in the Official Gazette on 12 June 2018. Significant amendments include:
9 Oct 2018
The OECD Releases Discussion Draft On Financial Transactions
The OECD invites interested parties to submit any comments on this discussion draft by 7 September 2018.
South Africa
2 Aug 2018
Loan Funding To Offshore Trusts: The Interaction Of Applicable Tax Anti-Avoidance Measures
South African tax resident individuals may consider, whether for estate planning purposes or otherwise, to advance funds to offshore trusts for investment abroad.
South Africa
1 Aug 2018
Reducing The Cost Of Transfer Pricing Compliance For MNEs
Many countries have become more focused on combating tax avoidance.
South Africa
19 Jun 2018
Time Is Running Out For Transfer Pricing Documentation Compliance
The overriding concept of the BEPS Action Plan is that all taxable profits should be taxed once.
South Africa
30 May 2018
Africa Tax In Brief - January 2018
Parliament approved a draft law on the Extraordinary Regime on Tax and Foreign Exchange Compliance, regulating the repatriation of assets held abroad that have not been declared in Angola in December 2017.
2 Feb 2018
Africa Tax In Brief - October 2017
During the International Conference on Tax in Africa held in Abuja from 26 to 28 September 2017, the African Tax Administration Forum launched its "Toolkit for Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment...
27 Nov 2017
Africa Tax In Brief - November 2017
A transfer pricing unit, set up as an administrative technical structure forming part of the Large Taxpayers Directorate of the General Tax Administration, was launched on 25 September 2017 and ...
27 Nov 2017
From Functional Analysis To Value Chain Analysis
In conducting a VCA, it is important to distinguish between intangibles, value enhancers and synergies.
South Africa
22 Nov 2017
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