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Paying For Grandchildren's College Education
Given the spiraling costs of education, many families are realizing that careful planning and long-term strategies are no longer optional.
United States
31 Jul 2019
Changes To Connecticut Residential Real Property Transfer Tax
Transfers of residential property in Connecticut are generally subject to real estate conveyance tax paid by the seller.
United States
30 Jul 2019
2019 Inflation Adjustments
For 2019, the annual exclusion amount for gifts remains at $15,000.
United States
4 Jan 2019
Estate Planning Update Winter 2018/2019 - 2019 Inflation Adjustments
Each year, certain federal estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax figures are subject to inflation adjustments
United States
4 Jan 2019
IRS Blesses Lifetime Gifts To Loved Ones
This is good news, which removes a concern some had raised about making larger gifts now.
United States
3 Jan 2019
Complementary Philanthropy Using Both Donor-Advised Funds And Private Foundations
Many investment firms and community foundations sponsor DAFs.
United States
3 Jan 2019
New Tax Law May Have A Chilling Effect On Charitable Giving
Only time will tell how the Act will change the charitable giving landscape.
United States
3 Jan 2019
Estate Planning Update July 2018 - The Increased Standard Deduction: Impact On Charitable Giving
There are, however, several strategies taxpayers can use to maximize available deductions while continuing to provide support to charitable causes.
United States
2 Aug 2018
Estate Planning Update July 2018 - Income Tax Savings Opportunities Under The New Tax Law
Gifting strategies should be reviewed in light of changes to federal income tax law, the increasing disparity in state income tax rates and the fact that, for many clients, income tax savings will be the primary concern.
United States
31 Jul 2018
Estate Planning Update March 2018 - Income Tax Changes Under The New Tax Law
The Act also made many changes to the individual income tax.
United States
6 Apr 2018
Estate Planning Update July 2017 - Massachusetts Tax Update
Massachusetts taxpayers should keep an eye on two developments. First, a proposed constitutional amendment will be on the ballot in 2018.
United States
31 Jul 2017
Election Update: Should Charitably-Inclined Clients Consider Accelerating Their Charitable Giving?
Donors planning their year-end charitable giving may want to consider the potential impact of President-elect Donald Trump's tax plan on the income tax charitable deduction.
United States
13 Dec 2016
Estate Planning Update July 2016 - Give Directly To Charities From Your IRA
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other retirement plans often make great vehicles for implementing charitable intentions.
United States
20 Jul 2016
Estate Planning Update July 2016 - Moving To A New State?
Many of our clients move to new states each year – for a new climate, for a new job, to be closer to friends or relatives.
United States
15 Jul 2016
Estate Planning Update - July 2015
Have you ever been asked, "are your affairs in order?" Have you wondered what that question really means?
United States
24 Jul 2015
Estate Planning Update - July 2014
We continue to believe that passing property in trust for both a surviving spouse and descendants offers the most benefit to your family.
United States
31 Jul 2014
IRS Changes Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program And Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures For Undisclosed Foreign Accounts
These changes again increase the volume and breadth of information requested by the IRS within OVDP and increase the penalties payable under OVDP in certain cases.
United States
27 Jun 2014
Planning After ATRA
After years of flux, the federal estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax laws have finally settled into a "permanent" state.
United States
31 Dec 2013
Estate Planning Update - July 2013
Because of the uncertainty over the future of the federal estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax exemptions through the end of last year, many individuals made significant taxable gifts to trusts for their families in an attempt to capture the then current $5,120,000 federal exemption amounts before a possible decrease.
United States
19 Jul 2013
Estate Planning Update - January 2013
As has been widely reported, on January 2, President Barack Obama signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.
United States
16 Jan 2013
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