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A Guide To Abu Dhabi Oil And Gas 2019-2020
Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, witnessed a massive average of 2.86 mill barrels of oil, in the first half of 2018 itself
United Arab Emirates
17 Oct 2019
Overview: Importation Of Private Aircraft Into The European Union
Consider this scenario. An individual who has been a resident outside the European Union (EU) for ten or more years, intends to import a private jet into the United Kingdom.
European Union
30 Sep 2019
BEPS (OECD?) - Significant Changes To Taxation Of International Business
The BEPS plan was launched during the 2008 financial catastrophe. The notion behind this launch was threefold (i) Firstly, to revise the international tax structure;
United Arab Emirates
23 Sep 2019
Egypt VAT Update And Income Tax Regulation Introduction
Egypt is the most highly populated nation in the Middle East. With over 90 million individuals living within, it beats out the next closest
5 Aug 2019
A Guide To Tax Regulations In Hong Kong 2019 - 2020
While considering moving a business into a new market, one of the key consideration is that country's tax regime.
Hong Kong
2 Aug 2019
Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax on United Kingdom Real Estate: A New Regime
The legislation encompassing the new regime for taxing non-residents' gains on the United Kingdom
24 Jul 2019
Taxation Laws In The GCC
Gulf co-operation council is the abbreviated form of GCC. It came into force in 1981.
United Arab Emirates
3 Jul 2019
Capital Gains On Sale Of Property: United Kingdom
For more clarity, if you are selling an asset, the sale value will generally be the sale price of that asset,
21 May 2019
VAT Implementation In Oman
The Ministry of Finance in Oman wished to implement a 5% VAT regime from the 1st September 2019. The government of Oman signed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
9 May 2019
Legal Updates For April 2019
The European Union has identified the tax regime for Hong Kong as one of the problematics on account of its fencing features.
United Arab Emirates
23 Apr 2019
Income Tax Regulations Of Oman
These amendments have been in the making for a lengthy period and are well awaited.
United Arab Emirates
19 Feb 2019
Foreign Business VAT Recovery In The UAE
The VAT implementation has now been active in the UAE for over a year following the GCC nation's agreement.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jan 2019
Bahrain Partial Vat Exception On Personal Imports
With Bahrain's VAT commencing 1 January 2019, the country is making a significant leap in their economic front.
7 Jan 2019
Oman ‘Sin' Tax
There are numerous practices which are performed openly and legally, which are at the same time, known to harm either the individuals involved in using them or the environment in general.
United Arab Emirates
4 Jan 2019
Impacts Of Bahrain VAT Implementation On Neighbouring Nations
The GCC countries, through the GCC Common VAT Agreement, have agreed to introduce VAT within their systems.
19 Dec 2018
Impact Of VAT In Bahrain On GCC Countries
Introduction of value-added tax or VAT impacts a country's economy and industries.
United Arab Emirates
28 Nov 2018
Payable On Death Or Transferable On Death – Global Views
Death is always a profoundly emotional occurrence and the time following it can be complicated and involve many laws and regulations.
United Arab Emirates
26 Nov 2018
Law Governing Customs Duties In India
We all have read in our childhood or seen in movies that how centuries ago, to enter a kingdom, a merchant with his merchandise had to give some gift to the king.
United Arab Emirates
26 Nov 2018
Business Setup In Seychelles
Established in the warm cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean safely outside the cyclone belt, Seychelles is a standout amongst the perfect environment.
United Arab Emirates
9 Sep 2018
Bahrain Legal Update
It is an Agreement concerning the improvement of International Tax Compliance and implementing Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
24 May 2018
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