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Letter To The Editor: The Cayman Islands Is A Strong Partner In Combating Financial Crime
Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott, in a letter to the Editor of the Washington Post, has challenged misconceptions in a recent commentary writter
Cayman Islands
8 Jul 2019
EU's Expanded Tax Haven Blacklist Could Apply To U.S.
The European Union plans to update its year-old blacklist of tax havens to include new criteria and an expanded geographic reach—possibly all the way to the U.S.
European Union
18 Jan 2019
Cayman Finance Responds To Netherlands Blacklisting
Cayman Finance finds as unusual a recent decision by the Kingdom of the Netherlands to break from other European Union member states to "blacklist" 21 jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islands...
Cayman Islands
18 Jan 2019
Money Market Reform Measures
MMFs are considered by many investors to be a relatively safe and highly liquid investment alternative to simply holding surplus cash in a bank account.
Cayman Islands
10 Jul 2018
Sharing Financial Information: The Cayman Story Worth Telling
Over the last 40 years, the Cayman Islands has matured into one of the world's most sophisticated and successful international financial centres, providing a competitive, effective, transparent, cost-efficient and tax-neutral platform for international capital flows underpinned by an environment of legal, political and economic stability.
Cayman Islands
14 Mar 2017
Cayman Investment Funds in Europe
Henry Smith takes a look at how recent developments within the EU might impact Cayman's investment funds sector.
Cayman Islands
6 Mar 2017
Cayman Assessed Against Global Standard For Tax Information Exchange
A team of expert assessors, from the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, recently visited the Cayman Islands to conduct a peer review,
Cayman Islands
23 Jan 2017
Statement On Oxfam Report: Tax Battles: The Dangerous Global Race To The Bottom On Corporate Tax
Oxfam is wrong. This is the same purposefully misleading rhetoric pretending to be research that Oxfam has published and republished for years.
Cayman Islands
15 Dec 2016
Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott Discusses Panama Papers, Tax Neutrality On BBC World
During a recent appearance on BBC, Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott highlighted the Cayman Islands' dedication to upholding the standards and expectations of a premier financial jurisdiction through transparency and a strong compliance culture.
Cayman Islands
19 Nov 2016
Cayman Islands Included On Italy's "Whitelist"
Cayman Finance CEO Mr Jude Scott has welcomed the positive news that the Cayman Islands had been included on Italy's "whitelist".
Cayman Islands
1 Sep 2016
Cayman Finance Supports Cayman Islands Government Joining Beneficial Ownership Initiative
The Cayman Islands Government's recent announcement that Cayman has joined the initiative for the development of a global standard for the sharing of beneficial ownership information has been welcomed by Cayman Finance, saying that the move continues to reflect Cayman's highest standards of transparency.
Cayman Islands
13 May 2016
Cayman Finance Supports Cayman Islands Government On Enhancements To Cayman's Existing Beneficial Ownership System
Cayman Finance said it supported the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) in its announcement today of the signing of an agreement by the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands on the enhancements to its existing beneficial ownership system.
Cayman Islands
12 Apr 2016
Central Beneficial Ownership Registry: A Cayman Perspective
As UK politics in 2015 moved towards the May general election, it was little surprise that the issue of beneficial ownership and the introduction of a central registry for the main offshore financial centres, returned to the political agenda.
Cayman Islands
19 Feb 2016
Getting Up To Date On FATCA - A Recap And Update
FATCA refers to US legislation more fully known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and includes the US Treasury regulations implementing it.
Cayman Islands
18 Feb 2016
Cayman Finance Statement On EU Blacklisting
Cayman Finance is disappointed to read that the Cayman Islands has today been included on a list (based on the views of 11 EU countries with which Cayman does little international business) implying that we might be non-compliant regarding tax good governance.
Cayman Islands
18 Jun 2015
Cayman Finance Seminar To Look At International Tax Initiatives
Anyone interested in finding out more about some of the multilateral initiatives proposed and confirmed with regard to international tax should attend this special seminar hosted by Cayman Finance.
Cayman Islands
24 Nov 2014
A Long Commitment To Transparency
Cayman as a jurisdiction has consistently demonstrated a commitment to transparency and embraced international initiatives like no other international financial centre
Cayman Islands
19 Jun 2014
What I like About FATCA
Everybody hates FATCA and all its siblings — UK FATCA and the multilateral pilot for automatic exchange of information.
26 Mar 2014
Cayman Takes Steps To Implement Tax Information Exchange Initiatives
A working group, comprising public- and private-sector representatives, is assisting with the development of the Cayman Islands’ legal framework for the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) for tax purposes, in order to respond to international initiatives that include US and UK FATCA.
Cayman Islands
5 Feb 2014
Caymanian Compass Online Poll: Cayman Should Reject FATCA
Almost 58% of voters in a recent poll suggested Cayman should reject FATCA. Don’t get me wrong, my stomach says the same, but I’m going to try to explain why we cannot.
Cayman Islands
13 Dec 2013
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