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Russia Ratifies MLI
The Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty-Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting of 24 November 2016 - also known as the Multilateral Instrument (MLI)
Russian Federation
8 Aug 2019
The Development Of Judicial Practice On The Retraining Of Civil Law Relations In Labor
19 июля 2019 года Арбитражный суд г. Москвы вынес решение по Первой химической корпораци
Russian Federation
31 Jul 2019
Development Of Judicial Practice On The Revaluation Of Real Estate Value For The Purpose Of Calculating Property Tax
Налоговый орган не согласился с результатами оценки и пришел к выводу о том, что Общ&#
Russian Federation
30 Jul 2019
Development Of Court Practice In Invoicing Disputes
18 июля 2019 года Арбитражный суд города М
Russian Federation
29 Jul 2019
Development Of Judicial Practice On The Formation Of Expenses Of Permanent Missions Of Foreign Organizations For The Purposes Of Calculating The Russian Income Tax
Арбитражный суд города Москвы вынес решение по делу финской компании «Эрих Краузе
Russian Federation
26 Jul 2019
Review Of Major Changes In Legislation And Practice In The First Half Of 2019 In The Field Of Tax Law
В последние годы налоговые события постоянно
Russian Federation
26 Jul 2019
Development Of Court Practice On The Application Of Transfer Pricing Rules As A Tax Base Calculator (Russian)
24.06.2019 Арбитражный суд Омской области вынес решение по делу общества с ограниченной от&#
Russian Federation
25 Jul 2019
Dentons' Tax Practice Recognized As Best In Russia By Chambers Europe
Dentons' Tax practice has been ranked Band 1 in Tax in Russia by Chambers Europe 2019, once again joining the leaders in this annual international ranking.
Russian Federation
21 May 2019
FTS Approves Form Of Inquiry Regarding Beneficial Owners
On 20 December 2018 the Federal Tax Service (FTS) approved a form of inquiry which it will use to request information from legal entities regarding their beneficial owners (Order ММВ-7-2/824).
Russian Federation
29 Mar 2019
Price Increases Expected Following VAT Changes
As of l January 2019, the basic value added tax (VAT) rate has increased from 18% to 20%.
Russian Federation
23 Jan 2019
Non-Electronic Services By E-Services Providers: VAT Payment Procedure
This is directly prescribed by article 174.2 of the RTC.
Russian Federation
11 Dec 2018
Tax Law Amendments 2018-2019
Federal Law "On amendments to Part One and Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation " No. 302-FZ ("FZ No. 302") came into effect on 3 August 2018.
Russian Federation
29 Nov 2018
Tax Alert - Tax Law Amendments 2018-2019
Federal Law "On amendments to Part One and Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation " No. 302-FZ ("FZ No. 302") came into effect on 3 August 2018.
Russian Federation
28 Nov 2018
FTS Publishes Information On Taxpayer Obligations And Financial Reporting
The Federal Tax Service (FTS) recently began publishing information concerning the various obligations of Russian taxpayers (ie, legal entities) and their financial reporting on its website.
Russian Federation
12 Nov 2018
Tax Authorities To Be Given Access To Audit Documents
On 1 January 2019 Federal Law 231-FZ of 29 July 2018 will come into force, enabling the tax authorities to request client-related documents from auditors which constitute 'auditing secrets'.
Russian Federation
26 Sep 2018
Import Regulations For Disassembled Machinery And Equipment
The Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union enacted on 1 January 2018 for the first time has established the import procedure for disassembled and incomplete machinery and equipment...
Russian Federation
9 Jul 2018
Taxing Transfers Of Trademark Rights As Contributions To Charter Capital
However, the rights to trademarks are not included in this preferential list.
Russian Federation
11 Jun 2018
Ready For These Changes To Russian Accounting And VAT Laws?
Companies operating in Russia, or looking to expand their business there, need to be aware of several accounting and tax regulatory changes which could impact their enterprise.
Russian Federation
17 May 2018
VAT On Electronic Services
According to the Federal Law of 27 November 2017 No. 335-FZ, starting from 2019 foreign companies providing electronic services to Russian companies (i.e. B2B services) must register...
Russian Federation
27 Apr 2018
Почему новый режим взимания НДС важен для 
В соответствии с Федеральным законом от 27.11.2017 N 335-ФЗ с 2019 года иностранные организации, ока
Russian Federation
16 Apr 2018
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