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VAT Update: New Zealand Levels The Playing Field And Ireland Announces Two-Tier Registration System
Following is a summary of the key VAT and wider tax updates from the past month.
17 Jul 2019
Closing The Goods And Services Tax Loophole In New Zealand
Overseas businesses must be aware of and update their systems to comply with new GST legislation in New Zealand.
New Zealand
15 Jul 2019
New Zealand Enacts New GST Rules Applying To Online Sales Of Low Value Goods
The New Zealand (NZ) government has now enacted the Taxation (GST Offshore Supplier Registration …) Act 2019 introducing a requirement for offshore companies selling low value imported goods to NZ consumers to register...
New Zealand
5 Jul 2019
New Zealand's Revised International Tax And Transfer Pricing Guidance
A summary of the most significant changes is outlined below.
New Zealand
4 Jul 2019
Tax working group report – too big to succeed?
Article discusses key CGT recommendations proposed a majority of the TWG.
New Zealand
6 Mar 2019
New Zealand Government Announces The Final Design Of Its R&D Tax Incentive Scheme
The New Zealand government has today announced the final design of its research and development (R&D) tax incentive scheme.
New Zealand
7 Dec 2018
An Update On The Intellectual Property Office Of New Zealand's Fee Review
Earlier this year, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) carried out a review of its fees, with a view to providing consistency and transparency across the services it provides.
New Zealand
6 Dec 2018
New Zealand Plant Variety Rights (PVR) Act Under Review
The current New Zealand PVR Act is over 30 years old, and is being reviewed with a view to bringing it more in line with the corresponding Acts of many of New Zealand's trading partners.
New Zealand
20 Nov 2018
Enhancements To New Zealand's Research And Development Tax Incentive Scheme
The proposed changes will greatly benefit both larger and smaller businesses that are performing research and development activities in New Zealand.
New Zealand
17 Oct 2018
The future of tax – what can we look forward to?
The Tax Working Group's interim report discusses its review of the structure, fairness and balance of the NZ tax system.
New Zealand
11 Oct 2018
Do not lose control of your overseas assets
Many people often don't know how complicated inheritance laws can be, to deal with these overseas assets after you die.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2018
Warning: Sell residential property within five years and you could now be taxed. The bright-line test extension is live!
If an owner sells within five years, and the property is not their main home, then they will be taxed on any profits.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2018
Your foreign assets could go AWOL
Immoveable assets, such as land or anything affixed to land, is governed by the law of the land where it is situated.
New Zealand
14 Jul 2018
New Zealand To Close GST Loophole To Ensure Fairness
The New Zealand Government recently announced a proposal to close a loophole which waives the requirement for foreign companies to collect GST on goods sold to New Zealand customers...
New Zealand
5 Jun 2018
New Zealand Closed A GST Loophole To Ensure Fairness
The New Zealand Government has recently announced a proposal to close a loop hole which waived the requirement for foreign companies to collect GST on goods sold to New Zealand customers...
New Zealand
4 Jun 2018
Amazon tax proposed: levelling the GST playing field for low value goods into New Zealand
A discussion paper proposes to require certain non-resident suppliers to account for GST on supplies of low-value goods.
New Zealand
4 May 2018
R&D tax incentives – what is on offer?
The government is seeking input on its proposed 12.5% tax credit for new research and development.
New Zealand
2 May 2018
NZ continues to take the lead in global movement against BEPS
The Bill promotes measures to combat BEPS arrangements and wide-ranging changes to NZ's cross-border investment. rules.
New Zealand
27 Apr 2018
New tax rules for employee share schemes
Companies with, and thinking of adopting, an ESS as part of their remuneration package should review their arrangements.
New Zealand
2 Apr 2018
Terms of Reference for Tax Working Group announced
As well as particular issues to review, the Tax Working Group has a broad mandate to look at New Zealand's tax system.
New Zealand
25 Nov 2017
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