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Lease Is More: New Residential Lease Form Coming To Ontario
Starting April 30, 2018, Ontario landlords leasing private residential rental units must use a new standard form of lease (the "New Form").
22 Mar 2018
How Will The Government's Crackdown On Residential Leasehold Impact Developers?
On 21 December 2017, the Government published an eagerly awaited response to its July 2017 consultation on tackling unfair practices in the residential leasehold market.
12 Jan 2018
Landlord Liability For Trademark And Copyright Infringement – Coming Soon To Canadian Premises Near You?
In Canada, there is no clear precedent to hold a landlord liable as a non-participating intermediary for the sale of counterfeits by its tenants.
21 Dec 2017
How To Avoid Some Of The Common Issues That Can Arise In Property Leases (Video)
Property is a key part of the legal business and mistakes made in this sector can be costly. Although property law can be slightly illogical at times...
27 Nov 2017
Forced Moves: The Extrajudicial Resiliation Clause In Commercial Leases As An Important Tool To Be Used With Caution
In this period of moving within the realm of residential rentals, it is important to remember that although commercial lessors do not necessarily have to negotiate and sign new leases at the same time, some advice is worth repeating...all year round!
4 Aug 2017
Legal Considerations For Kiosks, Pop-Ups And Temporary Leases And Licenses
In recent years, the number of retailers who opt for more non-traditional stores or shops has increased.
3 Aug 2017
A Banker Asked Us: General vs Specific Assignments Of Rents And Leases In Ontario
What is the difference between a general assignment of rents and leases and a specific assignment of rents and leases, and when should I include them in my term sheet for a commercial real estate...
6 Jul 2017
Mortgagee Sets Aside Mortgagor's "Sweetheart Deal" Tenancy Agreement
Mortgagors facing mortgage enforcement proceedings frequently try to create obstacles for their mortgagees. One such obstacle is the granting of a very favourable or "sweetheart" tenancy agreement to a third party tenant.
25 Apr 2017
Sale And Leaseback In The UAE Is Now 'A Thing'
Put simply, a sale and leaseback transaction is the sale of an asset which is then leased back, from the new owner, to the original owner.
United Arab Emirates
23 Mar 2017
Unified Lease Forms Coming Soon To Dubai Property
The Dubai Land Department (DLD) recently announced the introduction of a "Unified Lease Form" contract which will be unveiled next month (March 2017).
United Arab Emirates
3 Mar 2017
Why It Pays To Consider Insolvency Protections Up-Front
As we settle into 2017, the annual trading updates from high street retailers are emerging. The news is mixed. It's widely acknowledged that the sector will continue to face headwinds...
2 Mar 2017
Why Does It Matter If My Site Is In A Designated Protected Area?
If the affordable housing element of your development includes shared ownership and your development site is in a DPA then the RP granting the shared ownership leases will...
18 Nov 2016
Back To Basics: Your Leaseholders May Have The Right To Buy Your Property
If you're a landlord planning to sell a building containing residential flats, you need to know about your tenants' right to buy.
18 Nov 2016
Legal Considerations For Real Estate Lenders In France (3/4); Drafting Considerations
This is the third in a series of four articles on the legal considerations that non-French real estate lenders should examine when financing commercial real estate in France in a non-distressed context.
11 Nov 2016
Guide To Doing Business In Canada: Real Estate & Urban Development
Real estate is a broad category that covers buying, selling, developing, leasing and financing across a wide range of sectors.
9 Nov 2016
"Such Consent Not To Be Unreasonably Withheld …"
Most commercial enterprises believe that they act reasonably in conducting their business affairs and operations. However, reasonableness, like beauty, can often be in the eye of the beholder.
3 Oct 2016
A Reminder: Requirement For A Receiver To Pay Occupation Rent
The recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal in Crate Marine Sales serves as a reminder regarding the trigger for the obligation of a court appointed receiver to pay occupation rent.
3 Oct 2016
French Social Contributions And Residents Of Third Party States
Since 2012, social contributions have applied at a rate of 15.5% on French rental income earned as of 1 January 2012.
7 Sep 2016
The Right To Rent
Following a pilot scheme run in the West Midlands from 2014 which launched measures under the Immigration Act 2014 the new law now applies to all private landlords across England granting tenancies on or after 1 February 2016.
28 Jun 2016
Beyond The Break...
Having served notice on the landlord pursuant to a break clause to determine the lease on 24 January 2012, the tenant paid the rent due for the full December 2011 to March 2012 quarter.
28 Jun 2016
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