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Real estate agents – can you believe what your clients tell you?
This article focuses on the liability of real estate agents for incorrect information from the vendor or a third party.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2019
What is a cash out / escape / rollover clause in an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate?
This type of clause enables a vendor to give notice to a purchaser that the vendor has entered into another agreement.
New Zealand
15 Mar 2019
Buying residential property in New Zealand – do you need consent?
Most overseas people are unable to buy residential property in New Zealand, but some can request consent from the OIO.
New Zealand
31 Jan 2019
The neighbourly bane of boundary trees blocking light: what can you do?
Each case is inherently fact-specific so a rigorous assessment should be undertaken prior to launching legal proceedings.
New Zealand
1 Oct 2018
Purchase of real estate: High Court reminder of what not to do when another party tries to cancel an agreement
If you do not accept the repudiation (cancellation), then you should conduct yourself that way by your words and actions.
New Zealand
19 Mar 2018
Dishonest real estate agents beware
Dishonesty is taken seriously when applying to be a salesperson, who must be a fit and proper person' to be licensed .
New Zealand
18 Dec 2017
Property ownership – joint tenants or tenants in common?
Type of ownership is an important decision to be made before signing any documentation to purchase and transfer property.
New Zealand
7 Jun 2017
KiwiSaver rules tweaked for second chance withdrawals
Previous homeowners with low assets may be able to access their KiwiSaver funds to buy a home, regardless of income.
New Zealand
20 Jun 2016
Assisting family members with a property purchase
Parents or family members often assist prospective buyers just under a 10% or 20% deposit by lending them the money.
New Zealand
17 Sep 2015
The impact of LVR rules for first home buyers, and new Christchurch rateable values
The article discusses both the impact of Reserve Bank LVR rules and new rateable values for properties in Christchurch.
New Zealand
12 Aug 2014
KiwiSaver and buying your first home
KiwiSaver may help you with buying your first home or with the overall deposit when buying land to build your house on.
New Zealand
12 Aug 2014
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