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Planning for successful cities – a proposed new National Policy Statement on Urban Development
The Government considers more is required to ensure NZ cities are affordable, accessible and offer quality environments.
New Zealand
29 Aug 2019
Sustainable growth: Government announces protections for highly productive land
The Government proposed to protect highly productive land to ensure that it is maintained for future primary production.
New Zealand
19 Aug 2019
Supreme Court decides reinstatement benefits cannot be assigned
Reinstatement Benefits are personal benefits to the original insured party only and cannot be assigned to a purchaser.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2019
Review with caution: trade competitors and judicial review under the Resource Management Act 1991
Trade competitors should tread carefully when considering judicial review of resource management decisions.
New Zealand
15 Jun 2019
Building law reform – risk and liability proposals
These proposals are found in the Building System Legislative Reform: Discussion Paper (Part Four: Risk and Liability).
New Zealand
10 Jun 2019
Change continues in resource management law: what is coming in 2019?
2018 has produced and foreshadowed a number of important changes in the resource management and environmental space.
New Zealand
21 Jan 2019
Eberts retention fund for subcontractors clarified
The decision confirmed the inadequacy of the retention regime for subcontractors in the Construction Contracts Act 2002.
New Zealand
1 Dec 2018
Construction update: Payment claims for deposits – are they allowed?
Deposits or security payments due under a construction contract can be validly claimed in a payment claim under the Act.
New Zealand
17 Nov 2018
The neighbourly bane of boundary trees blocking light: what can you do?
Each case is inherently fact-specific so a rigorous assessment should be undertaken prior to launching legal proceedings.
New Zealand
1 Oct 2018
Draft National Planning Standards – painting by numbers, or draconian straitjacket?
Article queries whether national planning standards may be more of a hindrance than a help.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2018
Hawkins liable for $13.4 million: summary of the latest case involving builder negligence
The judgment is useful for the approach that courts will take to complex cases involving defects and builder negligence.
New Zealand
18 May 2018
Defective earthquake repairs: who should you sue?
This case is currently authority for the position that an insured homeowner can sue their insurer for defective repairs.
New Zealand
17 May 2018
Statutory demand set aside on appeal
A High Court judgment and a statutory demand for outstanding claims for landscaping work on a development were set aside.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
Legislative update: local government - restoring the four aspects of well-being
Article discusses 2 new Bills in relation to local government including restoring the 4 aspects of well-being.
New Zealand
17 Apr 2018
Do councils now owe a duty of care to building developers?
The case appears to entrench the courts' expansion of a duty of care owed by councils to all forms of building owners.
New Zealand
18 Jan 2018
Earthquake-prone buildings: an update
The act has special provisions for earthquake-prone buildings and replaces individual earthquake-prone building policies.
New Zealand
16 Jan 2018
Next wave of RMA (Resource Management Act) changes in force
It remains to be seen whether these changes will make any discernible difference to the resource consent process.
New Zealand
31 Oct 2017
National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry in New Zealand
These Regulations, in force on 1 May 2018, establish a nationwide consenting regime for plantation forestry activities.
New Zealand
10 Aug 2017
Natural hazard management under the RMA
The management of natural hazards his covered in recent amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991
New Zealand
25 Jun 2017
Wellington Fish and Game Council v Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council [2017] NZEnvc 37 – summary of the One Plan Declarations
The Court declarations are a timely reminder for consent authorities when considering applications for resource consents.
New Zealand
2 May 2017
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