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Weeding Out The Old
An influx in the sale of cannabis products in South Africa has caused much confusion among consumers. We have seen cannabis beverages, oils, soaps, creams and even foods infused with cannabidiol (CBD)
South Africa
14 Oct 2019
Africa Regulatory ENSight - Issue 8 of 2019
Legal Framework applicable to Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Angola.
South Africa
15 Aug 2019
Africa Regulatory ENSight
Approves a new regime on the entry, exit, and staying of foreign citizens in Angola; and
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
The Decriminalisation Of Private Cannabis Possession And Use And The Workplace
In the recent decision in the consolidated matter of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others v Prince; National Director of Public Prosecutions and Others v Rubin; ...
South Africa
9 Oct 2018
Tobacco Branding: It's Finally Becoming Plain
The South African government is determined to ensure that in the country, as in a number of other countries, tobacco products are sold with little or no branding.
South Africa
19 Sep 2018
Ownership Of Genetic Information And Tissues Under The South African National Health Act
The legal and philosophical aspects relating to the concept of "ownership" with respect to human biological material of various kinds has been hotly debated.
South Africa
19 Sep 2018
Africa Tax In Brief - August 2018
The DIFTZ will house a variety of manufacturing plants and offer investors various incentives, including tax exemptions.
South Africa
22 Aug 2018
Online Advertising Of Alcohol
The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa is an independent body set up and paid for by the marketing communication industry to ensure that its system of self-regulation works in the public interest.
South Africa
1 Dec 2015
Patentability Of Genetic Material
The patentability of genetic material has again come into the spotlight with the recent high court decision in Australia in the Myriad Genetics Inc. v D'Arcy case...
South Africa
6 Nov 2015
A Matter Of Taste
A court in the USA recently ruled on a matter involving that rarest of creatures, a taste trade mark - something that’s referred to by those who like to flaunt their vocabulary as a ‘gustatory trade mark’.
South Africa
11 Mar 2015
Tabling Of Plant Breeders’ Rights Amendment Bill And Plant Improvement Amendment Bill In Parliament
Cabinet have, during their meeting of 10 December 2014 approved the tabling in Parliament of the Plant Breeders’ Rights Amendment Bill and Plant Improvement Amendment Bill.
South Africa
16 Jan 2015
The BRCA1 Case: A Myriad Of Possibilities
The Australian Federal Court in D'Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc. has unanimously upheld a previous Federal Court decision that isolated gene sequences are patentable.
9 Oct 2014
Controversy Over Plant Breeders' Rights Bill In Ghana Continues
In addition, the Plant Breeders' Rights Bill was first published in 2013 to strong opposition by activist groups such as Food Sovereignty Ghana.
9 Oct 2014
Plain Packaging Debate Heats Up
The plain packaging debate has certainly moved up a gear. Professor Owen Dean of Stellenbosch University addressed an open letter to the Health Minister.
South Africa
19 Sep 2014
Phase 2 Food Labelling – Friend Or Foe?
Food labelling in SA was given a much needed overhaul in 2011 with the introduction of new regulations relating to the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs.
South Africa
15 Jul 2014
Insights From The UK Private Healthcare Inquiry – A Taste Of Things To Come?
Launching a market inquiry into a seemingly problematic sector of the South African economy is not a new modus operandi for the SA Competition Commission.
South Africa
16 Apr 2014
The Myriad Decision: A Mixed Bag For The Biotech Industry
Scientists and civil rights organisations have sought to challenge Myriad's monopoly in court, in the interest of the public's right to affordable access to medicines.
South Africa
29 Jul 2013
Alleged Illicit Liquor Dealer To Face Court
AN ALLEGED kingpin in the illicit liquor trade is expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court today as the South African Revenue Service (SARS) clamps down on traders who evade paying duty on alcohol.
South Africa
27 Nov 2012
Unbranded Cigarettes
On 15 August 2012 the Australian High Court ruled that the much-discussed legislation that requires tobacco companies to sell their products in unbranded packages.
South Africa
8 Oct 2012
Unbranded Cigarettes
On 15 August 2012 the Australian High Court ruled that the much-discussed legislation that requires tobacco companies to sell their products in unbranded packages, the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011, is constitutional.
South Africa
19 Sep 2012
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