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TGA Considers Publishing Excipients In ARTG Public Summaries
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has published a consultation paper seeking feedback on whether it should make excipient ingredients
13 Sep 2019
Action For Healthy Waterways - Freshwater Discussion Document
The Government has released a discussion document on national direction for essential freshwater: 'Action for healthy waterways'.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2019
Biosecurity Act review
The Biosecurity Act is to be reviewed partly as a result of flaws highlighted because of the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak.
New Zealand
13 Aug 2019
UK hospital sued after failing to follow advance directive
If a NZ healthcare provider failed to follow this directive, the reputational and regulatory risks would be significant.
New Zealand
18 Jan 2019
Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 review
A discussion document provided for a review of the act and considered Fonterra's role in the New Zealand dairy industry.
New Zealand
17 Dec 2018
Mycoplasma bovis disease eradication programme in NZ – Spring 2018 bulk milk testing update
Preliminary findings are positive, but farmers must stay vigilant in farm biosecurity practices and NAIT record keeping.
New Zealand
17 Dec 2018
Inmates Using Nicotine Lozenges As Currency
In New Zealand, prisons were made smoke-free in 2011, and nicotine-replacement-therapy lozenges are now offered to inmates with nicotine addictions.
New Zealand
3 May 2018
Lending & Labelling: Consumer Affairs Under New Leadership
Following the 2017 New Zealand general election, a minority coalition government has been formed between the Labour Party (Labour) and the New Zealand First Party ...
New Zealand
8 Feb 2018
Water, water everywhere - but not a drop to drink
This Report makes recommendations for the monitoring, testing and management of water supplies for safer drinking water.
New Zealand
15 Dec 2017
The essendon syndrome, social proof and obedience to authority – behavioural characteristics that affect many sport boards
Discussion of factors that lead to doping scandals and steps to prevent them including selection of appropriate directors.
New Zealand
6 Dec 2017
Fluoridation of water in New Zealand – have your say
Despite criticism from some members of the public, the Bill addresses oral health problems currently facing New Zealand.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
Manuka Honey Causing A Stir
Manuka honey has seen great success both domestically in New Zealand and as an export product. With this success, topical legal issues have arisen.
New Zealand
20 Feb 2017
Australian gene patent decision may fly the Tasman
The question is - when will the precedent created by this Australian judgment will be considered in New Zealand courts?
New Zealand
23 Oct 2015
Health and Safety Reform Bill update
In the wake of reports that the legislation will be watered down, the release of the committee report has been delayed.
New Zealand
1 Jun 2015
High Court rejects fluoride challenge, but still uncertainty
The High Court has confirmed that local authorities do have the legal power to add fluoride to drinking water.
New Zealand
3 Apr 2014
Pharmac proposed decision-making framework good regulatory practice
Pharmac is consulting on its proposed framework and for its new roles in funding hospital medicines and medical devices.
New Zealand
3 Apr 2014
Fonterra review: A first-class regulatory system in New Zealand
NZ has a first-class regulatory regime for food safety, as seen in the inquiry into Fonterra's Whey Protein Concentrate.
New Zealand
5 Feb 2014
Food contamination: the Fonterra inquiry commences
A Government inquiry into the whey protein concentrate contamination incident (the Fonterra Inquiry) has commenced.
New Zealand
7 Oct 2013
Clever ways to patent your food innovation
if your invention gives you a commercial advantage, you should consider patent rights to leverage this advantage.
New Zealand
20 Jul 2012
New Zealand to introduce plain cigarette packaging despite problems in Australia
While Australia goes in to battle with tobacco companies, New Zealand makes its first move in the same direction.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2012
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