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12 Sep 2018
Is Your Restaurant Ready For A Second (Or Third) Location?
Are you thinking about expanding your restaurant?
United States
7 Jun 2017
A Prix Fixe Serving Of Best Restaurant Management Practices
Restaurant Week just arrived to showcase more than 300 Chicago area restaurants. Prix fixe menus of $22, $33 and $44 are offered for breakfast lunch and dinner.
United States
10 Feb 2017
Delivering Lessons Learned In Cuba To The Restaurant Industry
After the Revolution and U.S. trade embargo, much of life in Cuba appears to have been frozen in time. The most obvious sign of this are all of the old cars still driving on the roads.
4 Jan 2017
New Tax Leaves Cook County Restaurants Feeling Unsweetened
Cook County is no exception, as many restaurateurs were aware of the proposed tax Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle wanted to impose on sugary drinks.
United States
12 Dec 2016
Best Accounting Practices For Restaurants
While a big focus for restaurants revolves around the food, service and atmosphere, owning and operating a successful restaurant really starts with good accounting.
United States
26 Sep 2016
Charitable Contributions Of Food Inventory
The government has encouraged philanthropy since the birth of the charitable deduction under the War Revenue Act of 1917.
United States
6 Sep 2016
City Of Chicago Raises Minimum Wage Effective July 1, 2016
In recent years, the number of restaurants — both national chains and local establishments — that have faced wage and hour lawsuits have been on the rise.
United States
20 Jul 2016
Whipping Up A Social Media Strategy For Your Restaurant
Social media is a great way to connect with current and potential customers. The active user base certainly shows a world of opportunity.
United States
15 Jun 2016
Menu Costing Affords Restaurateurs Proper Pricing And Inventory Management
How often do you cost your menu items? Menu costing allows for proper pricing and inventory management.
United States
11 May 2016
Cooking Up A Business Plan For Your Start-Up Restaurant
Last month, our Restaurant Group blog discussed the importance of determining a restaurant's break-even point.
United States
8 Mar 2016
Break-Even Sales
An important figure in your restaurant's profitability is its break-even point. This amount represents the sales that you need to cover all your costs. The calculation begins with determining your variable and fixed costs.
United States
2 Feb 2016
Improve Customer Experience By Managing Your Restaurant's Reviews
Engaging in the online world of customer feedback is essential to any restaurant's marketing strategy.
United States
21 Dec 2015
Where's The Tip Line?
Stories of restaurants transitioning to a no-tip policy have been slowly infiltrating the news for the past year.
United States
3 Nov 2015
Tax Extenders 2014 – What’s In It For Your Restaurant?
As 2014 came to an end, restaurant businesses everywhere waited on several tax breaks that can be beneficial on their 2014 tax returns.
United States
18 Feb 2015
Keys To A Profitable Restaurant
The primary goal of a restaurant is similar to any other business: Profitability.
United States
4 Nov 2014
The Ins And Outs Of Restaurant Employee Compensation Law
It is vital that restaurant owners be familiar with state and federal employee laws, including those pertaining to minimum wage, tips and overtime.
United States
18 Sep 2014
Is A Food Truck Right For Me?
Food trucks are becoming more popular in cities across the nation. Restaurant operators and entrepreneurs are considering whether a food truck is right for them.
United States
29 Jul 2014
Attracting Customers Using Value Promotions and Discounts
A study done by the NPD Group shows that restaurant visits driven by deals and discounts declined by 3% in 2012 compared to 2011, showing that 2012 is the first year that restaurant visits driven by deals and discounts actually declined since 2008.
United States
4 Jul 2013
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