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ESRP Rebukes Yoga Company For Stretching The Truth About Influencers
Yogis are causing Instagram envy worldwide—women and men executing advanced yoga poses against backdrops of beautiful rock
United States
15 Aug 2019
Spilling The ‘Detox Tea': Are We About To See More FTC Action On Social Media Influencer Advertising?
In a recent letter, Senator Richard Blumenthal urged the FTC to take action against makers of "detox teas" for engaging in "predatory" and misleading marketing tactics on social media platforms...
United States
19 Jul 2019
The Copyright "Meme" Game: Can An Internet Meme Containing A Copyrighted Work Be Considered Infringing?
The abundant use of memes in social media raises many legal issues, including copyright infringement and fair use, that are now beginning to be addressed.
United States
1 Feb 2019
Don't Let Intellectual Property Accidents Crash Your Social Media Marketing
Immediate and inexpensive, social media drives advertising directly to your target consumer. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, dedicated blogs, and self-hosted chat forums are important business...
United States
5 Sep 2018
District Court Rules That Startup Can Use Web Scrapers To Collect Information From Public LinkedIn Profiles, Despite Protests For LinkedIn
On August 14, 2017, on a motion for preliminary injunction, the District Court for the Northern District of California held that LinkedIn, a social network owned by Microsoft, Inc., could not continue to block hiQ...
United States
7 Sep 2017
Podcast: Margaret Esquenet And Brett Heavner On Emerging IP Issues In Social Media
Today, there are more than 2.2 billion social media users spanning sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
United States
20 Jan 2016
SDNY Rejects Fox News' "Fair Use" Defense After Network Posts 9/11 Image On Facebook
A television network may be liable for posting copyrighted images to its social media pages, particularly if such images are used to promote programming, rather than report the news.
United States
25 Feb 2015
Court Says Facebook "Likes" Not A Form Of IP Right
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida recently ruled that Facebook "likes" cannot be stolen because they are not a form of intellectual property.
United States
12 Sep 2014
Genericness And Priority Are Not Suitable Issues For Resolution On A Motion To Dismiss
In October 2013, social media giant Pinterest filed suit against travel planning startup Pintrips for trademark infringement and dilution.
United States
8 Apr 2014
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