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Close Bounced Cheques On Your Smart Phones
Dubai services are going online, and the most recent to join these online services is the closing of bounced ues. From 13 October 2019
United Arab Emirates
21 Oct 2019
Overview Of 5g
ICTs, short for Information and Communication Technologies, is used for social and economic development.
United Arab Emirates
3 Sep 2019
Regulations For Importing Telecom And IT Equipment In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
The development of the technological sector in Saudi Arabia is primarily focused on the Saudi Vision 2030 with the combination of moving towards
United Arab Emirates
9 Jul 2019
Internet Of Things (IoT) Policy?
The IoT is a regulatory framework in the United Arab Emirates which comprises of the following:
United Arab Emirates
8 Jul 2019
Domain Name Protection In UAE
Nowadays, all kinds of information can be found on the internet. As a result, Governments, companies, organizations and individuals use websites to provide information online.
United Arab Emirates
21 Jun 2019
Electronic Transaction And Communications Requirements In Dubai
Dubai is a city that is globally known for its high living standard for those who reside therein, but also its flashy and highly impressive locations and attractions.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2019
Saudi Arabia's New Anti-Spam Regulations
Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia updated its regulations with regards to the electronic messages and marketing communications which are unsolicited.
Saudi Arabia
4 Jun 2019
Indian Law Preventing Sales Exclusivity For Smartphones
Smartphones have rapidly taken the world by storm, and it is now almost impossible to spend more than a few minutes in public without seeing one.
United Arab Emirates
15 Feb 2019
An Understanding Of Illegal Telemarketing Calls In The UAE
Unsolicited telephone calls are very random and common in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
8 Feb 2019
Eye-Phone: Legal Issues About Apple's New Facial Recognition Feature – Part II
The ever-changing technology the law is always trying to keep up its pace as now the interaction of law and technology is more critical than ever.
United Arab Emirates
2 Aug 2018
The Law, the iPhone and Facial Recognition
As the technology advances, different interpretations of the law established come forward.
United Arab Emirates
19 Jun 2018
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