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Relaxation Of Restrictions On Certain Foreign Business Activities In Thailand
Thailand's Department of Business Development (DBD), under the Ministry of Commerce, is considering to remove four business activities from the list of restricted activities under the Foreign ...
14 Oct 2019
Class Licence For Telecommunications Services Set For Review
The Class Licence for Offer of Telecommunications Services ("CLOTS") regime was introduced in 2007.
Hong Kong
4 Apr 2019
Class Licences For Telecommunications Services Set For Review
The Class Licence for Offer of Telecommunications Services (CLOTS) regime was introduced in 2007.
Hong Kong
11 Jan 2019
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review (October 2018)
We reported in our Q3 2017 issue of our IP & TMT Quarterly Review that in the dispute between Zhejiang Tangde Film & Television Co., Ltd ("Tangde") and Shanghai Canxing Culture & Broadcast Co., Ltd...
Hong Kong
9 Oct 2018
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - 2018 Q2
China's Latest Position on Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Trade Mark Infringement
Hong Kong
3 Jul 2018
China Launches Internet App Store Registration Program
On 13 January 2017, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced the commencement on 16 January 2017 of the Internet app store registration program in China.
Hong Kong
31 Jan 2017
China Releases Regulations On Internet Search Services And Mobile Apps
On 25 June 2016, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) published its new Administrative Provisions on Internet Information Search Services (the "Search Provisions").
11 Jul 2016
China Passes Counter-Terrorism Law
On 27 December 2015, the National People's Congress Standing Committee passed China's new Counter-Terrorism Law (New Law), which came into effect on 1 January 2016
6 Jan 2016
Circular 05 Lists Potentially Unsafe Products And Goods Under MIC Management
On 6 April 2011 the government issued Decree No. 25/2011/ND-CP to detail and guide the implementation of the Law on Telecommunications (Decree 25).
12 May 2014
Best Practices On NFC Mobile Payments Issued In Hong Kong
Near field communication mobile payment services are on the rise in Hong Kong, and are offered in many retail outlets as a payment method.
Hong Kong
18 Dec 2013
Proposed Guidelines On What Constitutes The Offence Of Misleading Or Deceptive Conduct Under The Telecommunications Ordinance
On 17 January 2003, the Telecommunications Authority (TA) issued draft guidelines on how it will apply and enforce the provisions of section 7M. Section 7M prohibits a licensee (under the Telecommunications Ordinance) from engaging in conduct which, in the TA's opinion, is misleading or deceptive in providing or acquiring telecommunications networks, systems, installations, customer equipment or services.
Hong Kong
27 Jan 2003
OFTA Issues a Class Licence for the Provision of In-building Telecommunications Systems
The issue of the Class Licence comes following the required process of consultation which took place in March/April 2002. In order to fall within the ambit of the Class Licence the proposed operator must comply with various conditions and fulfil certain requirements, some of which are summarised below.
Hong Kong
21 Oct 2002
OFTA Issues Consultation Paper On The Creation Of A Class Licence For The Provision Of Public Wireless Local Area Network Services, and Announces a Proposed Exemption From Licensing for "Private" Telecommunications
On 2 August 2002, the Office of the Telecommunications Authority ("OFTA") issued a Consultation Paper inviting public views regarding the creation of a Class Licence for the provision of wireless Local Area Networks ("LANs") to the public in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
20 Aug 2002
Telecommunications (Amendments) Bill 2002 - to Control Merger and Acquisition Activities in the Telecommunications Market
The Telecommunications (Amendments) Bill 2002 was gazetted on 3rd May, 2002 and aims to amend the Telecommunications Ordinance to provide a legislative framework for the regulation of merger and acquisition activities in the telecommunications sector where such activities may reduce competition in the market.
Hong Kong
7 Aug 2002
New Code of Practice on Protection of Customer Information for Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Service Operators
On 17 June 2002, the Office of the Telecommunications Authority, acting in collaboration with the Consumer Council, the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, issued the Code to help ensure that data held by the Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications service operators, are properly protected from misuse
Hong Kong
7 Aug 2002
New Measures for Landing Rights of Foreign Satellite Television
The Provisional Measures for the Administration of the Examination and Approval of the Landing of Foreign Satellite Television Channel (the "Measures") were promulgated by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television ("SARFT") and took effect from 1st February, 2002. The Measures aim at tightening control over foreign satellite television by regulating the approval system of all satellite broadcasting into the PRC.
Hong Kong
7 Aug 2002
China Intends for a Digital Television System to be up and Running by 2010, and to Completely Replace its Analogue Broadcasting System by 2015
Digital Television ("DTV"), which includes High Definition Television ("HDTV") and Standard Definition Television ("SDTV"), is television in which the programmes are produced, encoded, transmitted, received and decoded using digital technology
Hong Kong
6 Aug 2002
Changes to the Registration System of Technology Transfer Contracts in China
In the past, all technology transfer contracts had to be registered before they were legally enforceable in the PRC. However, according to the new regulations on technology import and export which came into effect on 1 January, 2002, a new category of technology, the import or export of which does not require the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation ("MOFTEC"), was created.
Hong Kong
6 Aug 2002
Licensing of Mobile Telephone Jamming Devices
On 10 April 2002, in response to a LEGCO question, the Secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting, Mrs Carrie Yau, outlined the Telecommunications Authority's ("TA") position on devices which block mobile communications. The use of such jamming devices is currently illegal in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
6 Aug 2002
Offences Committed By Viewing Child Pornography On Computers
The UK Court of Appeal in R v (1) Graham Westgarth Smith, (2) Mike Jayson (2002) held that mere internet browsing of web-pages, or opening of emails, containing indecent photographs of children is an offence under English Law (s1.(1) of the Protection of Children Act 1978). Hong Kong law differs from English law in this respect.
Hong Kong
6 Aug 2002
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