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What Are The Risks And Benefits Of Cloud Services?
With the promise of cost savings, reduced maintenance and improved collaboration, cloud services are transforming the way that businesses approach IT.
18 Jul 2018
How To Avoid Copyright Infringement Online
Online shopping has become the go-to for both consumers and businesses seeking speed and convenience. According to the latest report from the Office for National Statistics ...
10 Jul 2018
Equustek Again: BC Supreme Court upholds Worldwide Injunction Despite US Refusal To Enforce
The Supreme Court of British Columbia has refused a motion to overturn its own worldwide injunction requiring Google to de-list certain websites from its search results pending the outcome...
3 May 2018
The Pros And Cons Of Cloud Services (Video)
How well do you know the differences between cloud and outsourcing.
27 Nov 2017
New Law Regulating Video-On-Demand Services
On July 1, 2017 the controversial (and sometimes criticised) draft law on online cinemas came into force.
Russian Federation
6 Oct 2017
"Roskomnadzor Is Informing": State Protocols For Website Blocking
Headlines such as "[Website] Blocked in Russia" have become increasingly common in recent years with the restriction of thousands of torrent and pirated websites...
Russian Federation
6 Oct 2017
New Restrictions For VPNs And Anonymisers In Russia
On July 29, 2017 the Law on Amendments to the Law on Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information (Federal Law 276 FZ) was adopted.
Russian Federation
6 Oct 2017
Bloggers & Influencers Take Note! New Guidelines Published For Online Reviews And Endorsements
As brands increasingly turn to bloggers, vloggers and influencers to market their products, the line between unbiased third-party opinions and paid-for endorsements continues to fade.
27 Sep 2016
The Saga Of Blocking Creative Content - How Ad Blockers Still Dominate Online Advertising In Germany
In recent years, German publishing and media houses have struggled to serve their readership with advertisements ("web banners").
27 Sep 2016
Domain Disputes: Difficult Search For The Competent Court
Violations of intellectual property rights on the Internet can be difficult to handle and taking a violator to court over a domain name dispute has recently become more challenging in the RF.
Russian Federation
14 Sep 2016
New Age Advertorials: Best Practices In Native Advertising
It has happened to you. You clicked on the cutest video of tiny 4-year-olds jumping across 2-feet fences on horribly naughty ponies, and all of a sudden you went from content to what is barely discernible as an ad...
13 Sep 2016
Great News For Brand Owners - Access To Websites Selling Fake Goods Can Be Blocked
The Court of Appeal has confirmed that the English High Court can order internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to websites advertising counterfeit goods.
20 Jul 2016
Crowdfunding In The Mining Sector
Although a sense of optimism seems to have caught up to the mining industry in this post-federal budget announcement period, the quest to find funds to finance mining ventures remains challenging.
27 Apr 2016
The AG Makes The (Hyper) Link
Advocate General Melchior Wathelet has recommended that the Court of Justice of the European Union adopt a course in the 'GS Media' (Playboy) case that would clarify the status of hyperlinks to copyright infringing material.
European Union
27 Apr 2016
Ecommerce Update: CMA Issues New Guidance On Unfair Terms In Consumer Contracts
This new guidance is likely to be of particular use to any consumer-facing ecommerce businesses that may still be getting to grips with the requirements of the CRA.
21 Apr 2016
CRTC Executes Its Second Malware Investigation Under Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
On January 27, 2016, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it executed a warrant under Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).
15 Feb 2016
Constitutional Challenges Bring An End To Canada's Only Provincial Cyberbullying-Specific Legislation
While we previously reported on the available statutory recourse in Nova Scotia against parents for damages caused by the cyberbullying actions of their children...
22 Jan 2016
Nova Scotia's Cyberbullying Legislation A "Colossal Failure," Declared Unconstitutional
The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has declared the Cyber-safety Act, Nova Scotia's controversial cyberbullying legislation, to be unconstitutional.
19 Jan 2016
Québec Court Rules That E-Retailer May Cancel Sale Due To Evident Pricing Error
While retailers are liable for the accuracy of the prices they advertise, there have been instances in which Québec courts have allowed retailers to successfully allege a pricing error.
22 Dec 2015
CRTC Serves The First Warrant Under CASL
On Dec. 3, 2015, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it had served the first warrant under Canada's Anti-spam Law (CASL).
17 Dec 2015
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