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Email Privacy Act Headed For U.S. Senate Consideration
The EPA has been proposed, yet failed to pass, in prior legislative sessions, but proponents of the bill are hopeful that the time is right for these privacy protections to be put into place.
United States
9 Sep 2018
Federal Court Decision Approves New Class Of "Surf-By" Lawsuits
A federal court in Florida issued a potentially groundbreaking decision earlier this week that could open the floodgates when it comes to a new trend in litigation filed under Title III of the ADA: the "surf-by" lawsuit.
United States
4 Jul 2017
Is Your Website ADA Compliant Or A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?
In the article, "Is Your Website ADA Compliant or a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?" featured in Attorney at Law, Samuel Lillard stresses the importance of taking the necessary steps to ensure your company's website is ADA compliant...
United States
13 Jul 2016
ADA Litigation: Website Accessibility Claims On The Rise
While having a website is almost a mandatory aspect of operating a retail business, it's important to ensure that the website does not also market the business to potential lawsuits
United States
23 Jun 2016
Divisive Devices: Navigating Workplace Pitfalls Caused By Connectivity And Mobile Apps
It is unlikely that the Slovenian psychoanalytic Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek had in mind the wellbeing of corporate defendants in workplace litigation when he articulated this "ultimate horror of the digital age."
United States
11 May 2016
Can Your Company's Website Lead To A Lawsuit?
If your business is a place of public accommodation, you are probably already familiar with the rules from Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
United States
6 Jan 2016
End Of Year Review: Privacy And Cybersecurity Law
This past year saw a number of developments domestically and internationally in the area of privacy and cybersecurity, many of which have had – and will continue to have – a significant impact on the hospitality industry.
United States
30 Dec 2015
Three Things Employers Need To Know About Cyber Monday
Last year, an estimated 52% of Americans participated in Cyber Monday and spent over $2.6 billion, easily the busiest online shopping day of the year.
United States
3 Dec 2015
The EEOC Goes Electronic: FAQs On EEOC's New Electronic Pilot Program
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently rolled out a pilot program to electronically notify employers of new Charges filed against them.
United States
27 Aug 2015
Top Ten Things To Do When An Employee Resigns To Join A Competitor
When an employee resigns to join a competitor, it is important to respond promptly. Odds are that the employee has been orchestrating his or her departure for weeks or months.
United States
5 Jun 2015
Technology And The Workplace
A text is a simple way to reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a while – it takes less than a minute to check-in with a simple "How R U?"
United States
6 May 2015
Phoenix Business Journal: Cyberbullying In The School Yard: Is Your District Prepared?
We've all heard the sad stories of children and teens being bullied and/or stalked on the Internet, cell phones and social media sites.
United States
23 Feb 2015
Avoid Legal Claims When Monitoring Employees With GPS Technologies
Tracy Moon's article "Avoid Legal Claims When Monitoring Employees With GPS Technologies" was featured onConstruction Executive September 9, 2014.
United States
25 Sep 2014
Blurring The Line Between Yours And Mine: Best Practices For Bring Your Own Device Policies
Let’s face it: bring-your-own-device (BYOD) situations are here to stay.
United States
9 Jun 2014
Protecting Confidential Information And Trade Secrets From Defecting Employees
In today's business world, the entirety of a company's most significant infor­mation can be uploaded to a device the size of a thumbnail and taken by a departing employee.
United States
2 Dec 2013
Fighting Back Against Cybersmears
Good, honest, and loyal employees are the greatest asset of any company.
United States
5 Sep 2012
Bill Would Broaden FLSA Computer Exemption
A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate (S. 1747) would significantly expand the scope of the current exemption for certain computer employees that is found at Section 13(a)(17) of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.
United States
5 Dec 2011
Court Holds That Using Facebook At Work Does Not Violate The Computer Fraud & Abuse Act
The debate rages on concerning the scope and extent of the federal Computer Fraud & Abuse Act.
United States
9 Aug 2011
She Said WHAT About Me?
One of your sales managers steps into your office and closes the door. "Boss, you're not going to believe what Mary, that new sales person, has said about you on her Facebook page."
United States
9 Aug 2011
California Non-Competes: Are They Legal After All?
In an eye opening decision, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California recently granted a temporary restraining order partially enforcing a non-compete agreement.
United States
4 Aug 2011
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