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Jones Day Global Privacy & Cybersecurity Update | Vol. 21
Data privacy- and security-related class actions appear to be on the rise, and effectively defending them requires the right mix of substantive and procedural knowledge.
11 Mar 2019
California To Regulate Security Of IoT Devices
On September 28, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation making California the first state to expressly regulate the security of connective devices, which are commonly referred to as internet of things ("IoT") devices.
United States
9 Oct 2018
Domain Name Authentication Rules Take Effect
On January 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Notice (source document in Chinese) on the use of domain names by internet information services took effect.
14 Mar 2018
MCTIC Launches "Internet Of Things" Consultation
The contributions will be used to draw up a map of companies and scientific and technological institutions that offer IoT technologies, products, services, and solutions in Brazil.
25 Sep 2017
House Resolution Calls For National Strategy On Internet Of Things
The resolution also calls on businesses to "implement reasonable privacy and cybersecurity practices" to protect consumers' sensitive data and increase their trust and acceptance of the industry.
United States
24 Nov 2016
DDPA Alerts Shops And Municipalities On Conditions For Wi-Fi Tracking
On June 16, the DDPA notified local governments and stores on the requirements applicable to Wi-Fi tracking.
4 Oct 2016
Brussels Court Of Appeal Annuls Interim Decision On Use Of Cookies By Social Media Platform
On June 29, the Court of Appeal of Brussels struck down (source document in French and Dutch) a lower court's interim decision barring a social network company from using cookies.
28 Sep 2016
Advocate General Asks EU Court Of Justice To Consider Dynamic IP Addresses As Personal Data
On May 12, Advocate General Campos Sanchez-Bordona released an opinion in Patrick Breyer v. Germany Federal Republic (C-582/14).
European Union
26 Sep 2016
Lawmakers Oppose FCC's Proposed Internet Privacy Rules
On July 7, the House voted 239–185 to approve an appropriations bill that included a provision preventing the FCC from moving ahead with its plan.
United States
19 Sep 2016
Cybersecurity's Moment And What It Means For Financial Services
With the world becoming ever more connected, the number of cyber attacks, and the level of sophistication of those attacks, continues to increase.
United States
31 Mar 2016
After collecting feedback from industry representatives, the Department of Defense ("DOD") recently revised the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement ("DFARS") interim rule on required cybersecurity measures...
United States
4 Feb 2016
Revised DFARS Interim Rule Regarding Cybersecurity Responds To Industry Concerns
After collecting feedback from industry representatives, the Department of Defense recently revised the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement interim rule on required cybersecurity measures for defense contractors.
United States
22 Jan 2016
Third Circuit Affirms The FTC's Authority To Regulate And Enforce Data Security
The Third Circuit decision bolsters the FTC in its increasingly active role in regulating consumer data security.
United States
3 Sep 2015
NIST's Privacy Risk Management Framework Released In Draft Report
With the creation of the Privacy Framework, NIST hopes to establish a common vocabulary that will aid understanding of and communication about privacy risks and principles.
United States
10 Jun 2015
Doing Business With The Government? What You Should Know About Cybersecurity
Government contractors are in a difficult position when it comes to cybersecurity.
United States
4 Jun 2015
President Obama Continues Push On Cybersecurity
On February 13, 2015, President Obama spoke to attendees of the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection held at Stanford University.
United States
19 Feb 2015
State Of The Union Address Places The President's Privacy And Cybersecurity Proposals Front And Center
In his January 20, 2015, State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama notably focused on privacy and cybersecurity, stressing the urgent need for comprehensive legislation.
United States
23 Jan 2015
Are You Covered For CyberWarfare, CyberTerrorism And CyberVandalism?
Cyber attacks are now a routine part of the corporate landscape. Businesses regularly defend against or succumb to cyber infiltrations and data exfiltrations that can result in hundreds of millions of dollars of loss.
United States
30 Dec 2014
Shellshock, The Perfect 10 Exploit: Easy To Use, Devastating Impact
Shellshock may affect network equipment and embedded devices such as routers, firewalls, and wireless access points.
United States
2 Oct 2014
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