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Fame, Fortune And Counterfeits
Counterfeiting is the bad side of being a famous brand. Nobody will produce fakes of a brand which is unknown and counterfeiters make money on selling fake goods bearing the names of popular brands.
Russian Federation
12 Jun 2019
General Framework For Comparative Advertising In Russia
Having a developed trademark registration system, accompanied by effective legislative enforcement remedies, Russia represents a large and attractive consumer market for various industries.
Russian Federation
10 Jun 2019
Advertising & Marketing 2019 (Chapter Russia)
The principal law on advertising in Russia is Federal Law No. 38-FZ of 13 March 2006 ‘on advertising' (the Advertising Law), which:
Russian Federation
3 Jun 2019
Online Brand Protection Strategies For The Russian Market
Online retail offers consumers more ways to shop than ever before and purchasing habits are changing. Shoppers used to visit shopping malls to seek out goods to purchase ...
Russian Federation
15 Apr 2019
New Legal Initiatives To Regulate Big Data
Big Data is a new technological phenomenon which has emerged in the context of today's global digital economy.
Russian Federation
4 Dec 2018
Can London-Based The Ritz Hotel Limited Register Ritz Paris Mark?
The Patent Office issued a refusal, arguing that the word element 'Paris' was a geographical indication (ie, the capital of France) pointing to the place of rendering services,
Russian Federation
27 Nov 2018
Russia: Draft Guidelines For Safety And Development Of Minors On The Internet
Over the years, among the trends in the Russian regulation of the internet, has been the implementation of rules aimed at protecting minors from specific types of online content.
Russian Federation
6 Aug 2018
Enhancing The Protection Of Copyright And Related Rights On The Internet
It is now impossible to imagine everyday life without the Internet.
Russian Federation
16 Apr 2018
Britney Spears Protected By Russian Court
It seems that Britney Spears, when she recorded a phonogram of the song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" never thought that one day she would be protected by Russian court.
Russian Federation
16 Feb 2018
Council Of The Federation Passes Draft Law On Messenger Operators' Liability
The Draft Law must now be signed by the President of the Russian Federation.
Russian Federation
11 Jan 2018
Russia Further Regulates Instant Messaging Services Providers
Instant messaging services currently play an integral role in the day-to-day communications of people worldwide
Russian Federation
6 Dec 2017
Russia Introduces New Rules On VPNs And Anonymisers
On the whole, the Amending Law may be treated as part of the ongoing trend to regulate the online flow of information in Russia.
Russian Federation
26 Oct 2017
IP In Business Transactions: Russian Federation Overview
What are the main IPRs in your jurisdiction? How are they protected?
Russian Federation
28 Jul 2017
Russia Provides Up-To-Date Protection For Image Rights
Issues relating to the use of a person's image arise frequently, especially in the field of advertising and particularly where photographs of professional models...
Russian Federation
18 Jul 2017
Internet Anti-Piracy Enforcement In Russia
Russian copyright protection legislation and related court practice is constantly developing.
Russian Federation
11 Jul 2017
The Infringer's Intermediary
Social media have acted as digital spiders might, spinning their webs outward so their reach can be felt almost everywhere.
Russian Federation
2 Jun 2017
Gorodissky Webinar "Best Practices Of Domain Name Disputes In Russia" (Video)
Ilya Goryachev, Senior Lawyer (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), gave a presentation at the Webinar "Best practices of domain name disputes in Russia" held by Gorodissky & Partners.
Russian Federation
23 Nov 2016
Suppression Of Unfair Competition And Unfair/Inaccurate Advertising On The Internet (Advertising Or Unfair Competition?)
It is not rare that leading companies encounter unfair actions of their competitors who attempt to boost their sales by using brands that do not belong to them in their advertising.
Russian Federation
24 Oct 2016
Domain Name Disputes In Russia
For its 11th edition, Premier Cercle™ will gather 100+ IP high-level speakers and 400+ delegates from corporate, private, institutional and academic worlds at the Intellectual Property Summit.
Russian Federation
3 Oct 2016
New Russian Anti Piracy Law Is It Really Viable And Effective (Video Content)
On October 22, 2015 Gorodissky & Partners held its Webinar "New Russian Anti-Piracy Law: Is it Really Viable and Effective?" dedicated to the effectuation and recent trends of the Russian Anti-Piracy Law and other legal aspects aimed at IP/copyright enforcement on the Internet.
Russian Federation
29 Dec 2015
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