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Best Value For Money Contingency Fees?
Best Value For Money Contingency Fees?
3 Aug 2018
Mauritius Case-Law Summary
On 26 January 2018, the Court of Civil Appeal delivered its determination on whether a resolution that was produced by a representative of the Respondent (i.e. Stoll Financial Services GmbH) (i)
6 Jul 2018
Bermuda Human Rights Act Protects All Employees When Considering Promotions
A Supreme Court decision handed down on Monday is a stark reminder that employers should tread very carefully when promoting employees.
30 Nov 2015
Bermuda Court Hands Down First Decision Under Statutory Re Hastings-Bass Provision
In July 2014 the Bermuda legislature enacted the Trustee Amendment Act 2014. The effect of this statutory reform was to insert a new section 47A into the Trustee Act 1975.
25 Nov 2015
Following In The Footsteps Of Schmidt
The case of Re Information About A Trust concerned an application by a beneficiary seeking disclosure of information about a trust.
16 Sep 2015
Royal Court Confirms The Availability Of Hastings-Bass Relief Under Guernsey Law
Appleby's contentious trusts team recently acted in an application to the Royal Court to determine the availability of Hastings-Bass relief under Guernsey law.
7 Sep 2015
Judge Rules Divorced Wives To Get A Job… Or Perhaps Not?
The topic of spousal maintenance has made the front page and headlines in several national newspapers and caught the attention of thousands of divorcing couples throughout the UK and Channel Islands.
23 Apr 2015
Jersey Court Examines Directors’ Duties And Relief From Liability
The Royal Court has recently examined directors’ duties in Jersey law in the case of Vilsmeier v AI Airports International Limited and PI Power International Limited [2014] JRC 257.
14 Apr 2015
After Happily Ever After, Who Gets The Golden Eggs?
Although the court cannot directly order the sale of a company to fund a party’s settlement, such a sacrifice can be the intended and inevitable consequence of the orders made.
9 Mar 2015
Guidance On The Approach To Trust Mistake Cases Based On Popular Tax Planning Schemes
When seeking to set aside a transaction on the basis of mistake in Guernsey where the underlying reason that the transfer took place was to engage in legitimate tax planning methods the Royal Court is unlikely to find that this would be a public policy reason justifying the refusal of the relief.
6 Feb 2015
Important Bermuda Judgment Considers Questions Of Litigation Funding, Private International Law And Trusts
The recent Bermuda decision of "Stiftung Salle Modulable v. Butterfield Trust" contains important points relevant to the question of litigation funding, as well as to practitioners of private international law and trusts.
4 Mar 2014
Litigation Funding In Jersey
The recent case of Barclays Wealth Trustees Limited as trustee of the R2R Bulgaria Property Fund & Others v Equity Trust Limited & Others [2013] JRC094 provides further clarification as to the position of third party litigation funding in Jersey.
27 Aug 2013
Guide To Litigation Costs In The Cayman Islands (September 2011)
A successful litigant in the Cayman Islands in inter partes proceedings will generally be entitled to recover from the losing side his/her reasonable costs, legal and other, incurred in conducting the proceedings in an economical, expeditious and proper manner.
Cayman Islands
4 Oct 2011
The Use of Depositions in Cayman
In the course of international litigation a party may seek to depose a future witness of fact using powers available to that litigant under the laws of another jurisdiction or under powers of the domestic court.
Cayman Islands
20 Dec 2010
Asset-Freezing Injunctions: Can Dividends To Shareholders Be “Ordinary Course” Payments?
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has recently granted a Mareva Injunction in the case of KTH Capital v. China One et al against a Cayman registered company controlled by Morgan Stanley.
Cayman Islands
8 Jan 2007
Receivers´ Fees In Money Laundering Cases: The Effect Of Acquittal And The Return Of Restrained Assets
The Chief Justice of the Cayman Islands has delivered an important judgment on the application of the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Law (PCCL), which reflects the balance that the Law itself seeks to strike between the objective of securing assets to meet any confiscation order upon conviction and ensuring that the proprietary rights of third parties are not prejudiced.
Cayman Islands
15 Feb 2006
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