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Ninth Circuit Rules District Attorney Can Retain Private Counsel To Pursue Civil Penalty Claims
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that an agreement between a district attorney and private law firms to litigate actions in the name of the district attorney based on a contingency fee ...
United States
22 Mar 2018
New York Passes Law Overhauling Process For Sealing Old Felony Convictions
Effective October 7, New York law now authorizes state courts to seal nonviolent criminal convictions that are more than ten years old.
United States
19 Oct 2017
Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument Involving Rule 23(f) Interlocutory Appeals
The United States Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in the case of Microsoft Corp. v. Baker, where the Court is set to determine whether a plaintiff can tactically circumvent Rule 23(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
United States
4 May 2017
Lawmakers In U.S. House Of Representatives Considering Bill That Would Reform Class Action Litigation Under Federal Rule Of Civil Procedure 23
On February 9, 2017, Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R.-Va.), introduced H.R. 985, the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017 ("the Act").
United States
5 Apr 2017
Improper Form Of Background Check Disclosure Not Sufficient Injury For Standing
Ever since the Supreme Court decided Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins last year, courts have been struggling to define the contours of standing in "no injury" class actions.
United States
22 Mar 2017
Federal Court Transfers Payment Processor's Case Seeking Collection Of $4.5M Judgment
A New York payment processor successfully defended one personal jurisdiction challenge, but lost the other in the Northern District of Texas.
United States
10 Mar 2017
Court Denies Background Screener's Spokeo Motion Related To Address History Reporting
On February 13, a judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York denied a background screening company's motion to dismiss a putative Fair Credit Reporting Act...
United States
1 Mar 2017
'Spokeo' Starts To Show Its Effects
On May 16, 2016, the Supreme Court issued its highly anticipated decision in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins.
United States
20 Jun 2016
Supreme Court Deems Statistical Evidence Admissible In Class Action
In March, the Supreme Court, in a 6-2 decision, held in Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphekeo that the district court did not err in certifying and maintaining a class of employees who alleged violations...
United States
4 May 2016
CFPB Demands Public Disclosure Of Plaintiffs' Identity In Federal Lawsuit
When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau refused to allow an attorney to attend an investigational hearing held in connection with several Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) issued by the CFPB...
United States
7 Jan 2016
2015 Revisions To The Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure Are Now In Effect: 5 Key Practice Pointers To Meeting The New Requirements
New amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ("Rules") became effective on December 1st.
United States
7 Dec 2015
2015 Revisions To The Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure Effective Today: 5 Key Practice Pointers To Meeting The New Requirements
The revised Rules emphasize case management and proactive discovery by adding several mechanisms to front-load discovery decisions and emphasize proportionality in the discovery process.
United States
3 Dec 2015
Supreme Court Will Allow U.S. To Participate In Spokeo Oral Argument
On September 8, the United States Solicitor General requested leave from the U.S. Supreme Court to participate in oral argument in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, as amicus curiae.
United States
2 Nov 2015
Second Circuit Holds That Federal Court Retains Subject Matter Jurisdiction Under CAFA Even After Plaintiff's Amendment To Remove Class Action Allegations
In In Touch Concepts, Inc. d/b/a ZCOM v. Cellco Partnership, the Second Circuit joined the Seventh Circuit in holding that a federal court retains subject matter jurisdiction over a case that had previously been removed to federal court under the Class Action Fairness Act.
United States
23 Jun 2015
Second Circuit Rules That Unaccepted Offer Of Judgment Does Not End Case
Under Rule 68 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a defendant can settle a case by offering complete relief of the plaintiff's claims until up to two weeks before trial.
United States
1 Jun 2015
SCOTUS: Preclusive Effect Should Be Given To TTAB Decisions When The Other Elements Of Issue Preclusion Are Met
In an opinion written by Justice Alito, the Supreme Court recently held that preclusive effect should be given to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board administrative decisions...
United States
15 Apr 2015
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