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Make-over for NZ court system imminent
The judicature modernisation reforms are the most significant revamp of the court system since the Judicature Act 1908.
New Zealand
27 Oct 2016
Apparent judicial bias - a hard argument to win?
The UK decision confirms the NZ approach but also reflects a reluctance to uphold allegations of apparent judicial bias.
New Zealand
29 Jun 2016
Sherlock Holmes theory of causation not always correct
These cases reiterate that causation is an intensely factual inquiry, in which simplifications are unlikely to succeed.
New Zealand
21 Jul 2015
Law to give NZ court procedures a modern make-over
Court processes will be streamlined and modernised, including the use of electronic technology, through new legislation.
New Zealand
4 Dec 2013
Litigation funding agreements – in from the cold?
Third-party funding agreements, an established part of civil litigation overseas, are becoming more common in New Zealand.
New Zealand
25 Sep 2013
Due process needed in insolvent transaction recovery
The case notes that an order under s.295 of the Companies Act is required before a creditor is indebted to liquidators.
New Zealand
4 Jul 2013
Evidence Act gets Law Commission tick in compulsory review
The Law Commission has given the Evidence Act 2006 a warrant of fitness in the first of the mandatory five-year reviews.
New Zealand
19 Apr 2013
Supreme Court's top five hit list for 2013
This Brief Counsel outlines some interesting and relevant upcoming commercial cases in the NZ Supreme Court in 2013.
New Zealand
21 Feb 2013
Lessons for Christmas Eve injunctions: care and speed
This case showed that care and speed are both required, when seeking urgent injunctive relief against foreign parties.
New Zealand
23 Dec 2012
Litigation funding agreements - maybe not so private anymore
Details of litigation funding agreements may have to be released to the other party or parties as well as to the court.
New Zealand
12 Dec 2012
The Law Commission on vexatious litigants in New Zealand
The NZ Law Commission is reviewing the treatment of vexatious litigants to improve life for the litigiously oppressed.
New Zealand
10 Jul 2012
Reinsurance proceeds subject to charges under the Law Reform Act 1936
Recent amendments to the Law Reforma Act have been found to apply to reinsurance.
New Zealand
18 Jan 2012
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