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Can A Witness Be Guilty Of Contempt By Communicating With A Third Party When They Are Part-Way Through Giving Evidence?
If during trial a witness is part-way through giving evidence and needs to come back after lunch or the next day to carry on, the judge will usually warn them not to talk to anyone about their evidence during the intervening period.
5 Feb 2019
Litigation And ADR Procedure News For In-House Lawyers: UK Construction Focus - December 6, 2018
An imminent and significant change to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) is the introduction of the Disclosure Pilot Scheme from 1 January 2019.
11 Dec 2018
The Tort Of Unlawful Means, In Camera Proceedings And Sealing Orders (Video)
Thank you for joining us at Dentons' eighth annual CPD Bootcamp.
5 Dec 2018
Advocaat Ben Je 24 Uur Per Dag
Advocaat ben je altijd, zeven dagen per week, 24 uur per dag. Dat is de belangrijkste les die een beginnend advocaat meekrijgt bij zijn beëdiging.
9 Jul 2018
Wetsvoorstel Tot Herziening Van Het Beslag- En Executierecht
Men heeft er zin an in Den Haag. Diverse wetsvoorstellen zijn begin juni ter consultatie gelegd, zo ook een wetsvoorstel dat het beslag- en executierecht in het Wetboek van ...
9 Jul 2018
Paving The Way For Third-Party Dispute Resolution Funding In Singapore
In 2017 Parliament aligned Singapore with other leading arbitration jurisdictions, such as London, Paris and Geneva, in embracing third-party funding as a viable method in increasing the access to justice of parties...
21 Feb 2018
New Litigation Rules In Ukrainian Courts As Of 15 December 2017
On 3 October 2017 the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law (the Law), which amends and restates the Commercial Procedural Code of Ukraine...
15 Jan 2018
Uber Appeals To Supreme Court
Uber presented its application to the Supreme Court to appeal the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decision that its drivers are workers and should have associated rights.
28 Nov 2017
Three Key Things To Consider On Motions To Disqualify
While some motions to disqualify are nothing more than a litigation tactic, others raise legitimate questions regarding the ethical obligations owed by the attorney and her or his law firm to former clients.
United States
9 Nov 2017
Tribunal Fee Refund Scheme Is Now Open
Further to the Supreme Court decision in R (on the application of Unison) v. Lord Chancellor, which held tribunal fees were unlawful, the government has announced that the first claimants eligible for...
30 Oct 2017
Latest Amendments To The Law On Arbitration And The Civil Procedure Code
On February 27, 2017, Law No. 49-VI on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Relation to Issues of Improvement of the Civil Law, Banking Law...
6 Apr 2017
"Safety Engineering Letter Of Opinion" Dealing With OHSA Obligations Disallowed By Court In Civil Lawsuit
A "Safety Engineering Letter of Opinion", styled as an "expert report" and covering Occupational Health and Safety Act obligations, was struck and its author was prohibited from testifying...
United States
16 Mar 2017
DIFC Courts: Still A Conduit Jurisdiction?
A recent decision by the Judicial Tribunal casts doubt on the DIFC Courts' ability to act as a conduit jurisdiction. A summary of that decision is set out in this article.
United Arab Emirates
21 Feb 2017
NSW Court Of Appeal – Security Of Payment Act Did Not Permit Review Of An Adjudicator's Determination Other Than For Jurisdictional Error
The Supreme Court at first instance had determined that an adjudication determination could be remitted to the adjudicator for re-determination for non-jurisdictional error.
4 Jan 2017
Focus On Middle East Dispute Resolution
The DIFC Court of Appeal has delivered a landmark judgment which expands the jurisdiction of the DIFC Courts and allows it to be used as "conduit" jurisdiction.
United Arab Emirates
2 Sep 2016
A Warning Against Unreasonableness In Dealing With Litigation Deadlines
The High Court has provided a warning to litigants when considering taking an overly technical position in response to an opponent's deadline for service of the claim form and the particulars of claim.
3 Aug 2016
Trojan Rabbits
Most of us associate DQ motions with conflicts. That's true, of course. But a recent decision disqualifying a law firm from a pair of legal malpractice cases had nothing to do with conflicts.
United States
2 Aug 2016
The International Arbitration Review - China
The Civil Procedure Law and the Arbitration Law of China regulate arbitrations seated in China.
United States
4 May 2016
Tax Court Introduces Common Books Of Authorities Project
Tax Court has implemented a new common books of authorities program for its Toronto courtrooms that will eliminate the need for taxpayers to print copies of certain frequently-cited authorities.
14 Apr 2016
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