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As Brexit looms, MFAT wants to hear from you
MFAT has opened consultations on a post-Brexit FTA with the UK, the EU/NZ negotiations and WTO e-commerce negotiations.
New Zealand
1 Feb 2019
International trade up in the air
Trends and insights regarding international trade. Article includes a link to a more in depth discussion about the same.
New Zealand
11 Dec 2018
CPTPP to come into force this year
The benefit to NZ exporters will be immediate, particularly in countries where NZ has not had a free trade agreement.
New Zealand
3 Nov 2018
What USMCA, the greatest agreement ever signed, means for NZ exporters
The US, Mexico and Canada have signed USMCA, a 'new' agreement to replace the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
New Zealand
26 Oct 2018
Resolving a steely question – Minister required to take another look at China steel subsidies
This Brief Counsel summarises the NZ Steel decision and looks at implications for New Zealand's trade remedies regime.
New Zealand
12 Oct 2018
Expanded overseas investment regime
The NZ Government has confirmed that it is planning a much more comprehensive review on the overseas investment regime.
New Zealand
10 Sep 2018
WTO determines tobacco plain packaging challenge
Australia's decision to control packaging of tobacco products has survived a challenge to the World Trade Organisation.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2018
The EU free trade opportunity for New Zealand
New Zealand's negotiators have to navigate some stumbling blocks, but the prize is worth the journey for NZ exporters.
New Zealand
7 Jun 2018
Effect on NZ of U.S. withdrawal from Iran deal
Inevitably the US decision to re-impose US nuclear-related sanctions on Iran will have repercussions in NZ.
New Zealand
17 May 2018
Overseas investment regime – where are we now?
Article provides an overview of the various reforms to the overseas investment regime. .
New Zealand
20 Mar 2018
The new CPTPP – how different from the original?
NZ exporters should plan for the new CPTPP and make the most of the opportunities afforded by preferential market access.
New Zealand
28 Feb 2018
NZ exporters must front up to Govt with overseas trade problems
If CPTPP comes into force, exporters should consider planning to ensure the smooth operation of all global supply chains.
New Zealand
14 Dec 2017
The TPP is dead, long live the CPTPP
It is likely that the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership will be finalised and signed in early 2018.
New Zealand
14 Nov 2017
What is at stake on 23 September [NZ elections] for international trade?
There are deviations in policy relating to New Zealand's participation in the TPP11 – the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2017
International trade update: PACER Plus, NZ-China FTA upgrade, proposed trade deal with EU
Although the media focus may be on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, there is a lot else going on in the global trade area.
New Zealand
28 Jun 2017
Compliance with the new China Cybersecurity law may pose problems
The scope of the China Cybersecurity Law is vague, which raises questions about the future of trade in the digital age.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2017
Premier Li visits New Zealand – FTA to be upgraded
The Chinese Premier has made a successful visit to New Zealand with a commitment to upgrade the China-New Zealand FTA.
New Zealand
2 Apr 2017
Exporting to Iran
The easing of United Nations sanctions against Iran in 2016 has created some export opportunities for New Zealand.
New Zealand
17 Mar 2017
New WTO agreement on trade facilitation
The article looks at the contents of the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation and implications for New Zealand exporters.
New Zealand
3 Mar 2017
A brave new world? Trump and Brexit – implications for New Zealand
The election of Donald J Trump and the UK Brexit vote both herald a new era of world affairs with implications for NZ.
New Zealand
30 Nov 2016
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