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Surtax Ceasefire – Canada And The US Agree To End Steel Tariffs
Late last week, the US finally agreed to lift all tariffs it had previously imposed, under section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act 1962, on steel and aluminum imports from Canada.
12 Jun 2019
Re-Writing The Rules: The International Centre For Settlement Of Investment Disputes (ICSID) Updating Rules To Modernize And Streamline ICSID Proceedings
The ICSID describes itself as the "world's leading institution devoted to international investment dispute settlement" and highlights that numerous international investment treaties and investment
6 Jun 2019
Bracing For Impact: US Helms-Burton Right Of Action Comes Into Full Effect On May 2
On April 17, 2019, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the Trump administration will no longer suspend the private right of action under Title III of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1996
3 May 2019
The WTO First-Instance Ruling, In Softwood Lumber, On The USA's Methodology In Anti-Dumping
On April 9, 2019, the WTO Dispute Settlement Body issued its Panel Report regarding the United States' particular use of Differential Pricing Methodology.
2 May 2019
Canada Prepares To Implement New Export Controls And Brokering Requirements
On March 16, the Canadian government published proposed regulations supporting amendments to Canada's EIPA that, among other things, create a new control regime for Canadians engaged in "brokering"...
29 Apr 2019
Navigating The Shifting Trade Landscape - Key Take-Aways From McCarthy Tétrault's 9th Annual Retail And Consumer Markets Summit (Series Part One)
The past year has seen significant developments on the international trade front, particularly in relation to the new and evolving trade and investment agreements that are reshaping the trading landscape.
9 Apr 2019
Reflections On Ethical Considerations For Counsel In The Preparation Of The Defence In A Criminal Case
Much of the ethical guidance in the Law Society of Ontario Rules of Professional Conduct, focuses on particular ethical issues which have received much attention in the literature.
14 Feb 2019
Canada Imposes 25% Surtax On Imports Of 7 Steel Products And Announces Inquiry To Determine Whether Safeguards Are Warranted
On June 1, 2018, the United States imposed tariffs on Canadian, Mexican, and EU steel and aluminum under Section 232 of the US Trade Expansion Act of 1962.
23 Oct 2018
United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement: After A Year, New Terms Have Been Agreed Upon To Replace NAFTA
On the cusp of yet another missed deadline, the U.S. and Canada have reached agreement on terms to allow Canada to join the U.S. and Mexico in a revision to the North American Free Trade Agreement.
5 Oct 2018
Budget du Québec de 2018 et économie numérique – Le point sur l'inscription au fichier de la TVQ
Comme il en a été question dans certains articles précédents, les modifications à la Loi sur la taxe de vente du Québec annoncées dans le budget du Québec de 2018...
28 Sep 2018
The 2018 Québec Budget And Digital Economy – An Update Regarding QST Registration
As discussed in prior articles, certain amendments to the Act Respecting the Québec Sales Tax announced in the 2018 Québec Budget and which related to the digital economy and electronic commerce received...
28 Sep 2018
Le ministère des Finances annonce un programme de remise comme contre-mesure aux surtaxes
Le Canada met en œuvre un programme de remise accordant aux demandeurs admissibles un allègement ou remboursement de surtaxes déjà payées, initiative qui s'inscrit dans la série de contre-mesures appliquées ...
25 Sep 2018
Le Canada impose des mesures de représailles en réponse aux tarifs américains sur l'acier et l'aluminium
Le vendredi 29 juin 2018, le gouvernement du Canada a annoncé les derniers détails des mesures de représailles qu'il a prises en réponse aux tariffs ...
24 Sep 2018
Le Président Trump menace de «ruiner» le Canada et d'autres partenaires commerciaux
C'est une chose de prétendre (même à tort) que l'ALENA est le pire accord de libre-échange sur la planète. Le Président Trump vient de le répéter ...
24 Sep 2018
Tarifs américains sur l'acier et l'aluminium : Le Canada riposte
Le Canada et le Mexique avaient jusqu'à tout récemment été exemptés des tarifs douaniers imposés par les États-Unis sur l'acier et l'aluminium en mars 2018 en raison des négociations entourant l'Accord de libre-échange nord-américain.
18 Sep 2018
OSC And AMF Join Global Financial Innovation Network
On August 7, 2018, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority announced the formation of the GFIN, comprised of 11 financial regulators, including the OSC and Autorité des marchés financiers ("AMF").
14 Sep 2018
President Trump Threatens The "Ruination" Of Canada And Other Trading Partners
It is one thing to call NAFTA, falsely, the worst trade deal in the world. We have heard this before, and have now heard it again from President Trump in a speech on September 7 in North Dakota, ...
14 Sep 2018
Bilcon Of Delaware Et Al V Government Of Canada: NAFTA Has Teeth, And Decisions Have Consequences
In late 2015, the arbitral decision in Bilcon of Delaware et al v Government of Canada[1] (the "Award") ...
22 Aug 2018
Australia And UK Establish "Fintech Bridge": A Model For Canada?
On March 22, 2018, the United Kingdom ( "UK") and Australia established the UK-Australia Fintech Bridge, to:
7 Aug 2018
The Mauritius Convention: Canada Opens The Door To Transparency In Investor-State Arbitrations
In a decisive shift towards openness in investor-State arbitration, the Mauritius Convention entered into force in Canada in late 2017.
2 Aug 2018
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