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Prospects For The UK Of A Brexit Deal With The EU (Video)
Bernardine Adkins appeared on BBC World News today to discuss the role of the UK in showing flexibility where trading with the EU is concerned.
European Union
27 Sep 2019
No-Deal Brexit - Status Of UK Trade Agreements
The Government of the United Kingdom has issued Guidance on "UK trade agreements with non-EU countries in a no-deal Brexit" (updated on September 19, 2019).
25 Sep 2019
No Deal Brexit Could Mean Less Leverage Power In Forging A UK/US Trade Deal
Bernardine Adkins was interviewed on Channel 4 News about the realities of a UK/US trade deal, in light of Dominic Rabb's current visit to forge ties.
12 Aug 2019
GATT Article XXIV (Article 24) Under The Spotlight
Article XXIV of the GATT recently came into focus when Conservative Party leadership candidate and potential future UK Prime Minister candidate, Boris Johnson, claimed it could be a potential option for the UK...
European Union
25 Jul 2019
Bernardine Adkins Talks To BBC News About Claims That The UK Would Have No Tariffs Under GATT XXIV (Video)
Bernardine Adkins spoke to Carrie Gracie on BBC News about Liam Fox disputing Boris Johnson's claims that the UK would have no tariffs under GATT XXIV.
European Union
8 Jul 2019
UK Getting Customs, VAT And Excise Regimes Ready For No Deal Brexit
The UK Government is in the process of introducing new legislation in relation to customs, VAT and excise in the event that there is a "no deal" Brexit.
European Union
14 Feb 2019
UK Publishes No Deal Export Licence For Dual Use Products
The UK's export licensing authority has published a new Open General Export Licence for the export of dual use goods to the EU which will come into force on 29 March 2019 in event of a no deal Brexit.
13 Feb 2019
EU-Japan Trade Agreement Enters Into Force
The EU Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (the "EPA"), comes into force today, 1 February 2019.
7 Feb 2019
Digital Protectionism, Trade And The WTO
In our recent report Protectionism 2.0: Digital forces driving the new protectionist agenda we highlighted how measures restricting data flows crucial to businesses pose as much a threat
2 Jan 2019
Our Global Digital Future Is Under Threat - From Protectionism
The standard weaponry of so-called trade wars are tariffs and quotas - observe the most recent tensions between the US and China ...
8 Nov 2018
Brexit: Customs & Trade
Brexit will cause a fundamental change in the way the UK trades with the EU. The guide is intended to provide practical advice to assist businesses to start to prepare for this change
European Union
1 Oct 2018
Brexit And State Aid
There has been considerable political debate surrounding the possible increase in state funding and intervention that may result from Brexit.
European Union
1 Oct 2018
A UK-EU Customs Union: Half In Or All Out?
With so much discussion and speculation around the UK's membership of a customs union of some form after Brexit, we provide an essential Q&A to boost understanding of the key issues and terminology.
European Union
28 Feb 2018
Brexit Untangled
On 29 March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, formally commencing the process that will lead to Great Britain leaving the European Union.
30 Aug 2017
Trade And Migration - Inseparable Twins?
Migration has been front page news both in the US and UK in recent months and should remain prominent in forthcoming elections in other EU Member States.
15 Feb 2017
Trade Policy In The New Trump World Order - Mind The Gap
A major plank of Trump's candidacy was that of trade protection of US industry. Contrast that with the situation in the UK, where the current UK government continues to promote a free and open trade policy.
15 Nov 2016
Brexit - The Impact On EU Competition Law
Bernardine Adkins, partner and head of EU, trade and competition, discusses the impact of Brexit on current competition legislation and enforcement.
5 Oct 2016
Brexit Untangled - September 2016
The results are in and the decision is to leave the EU. After months of campaigning from both sides, voters turned out in force to make their views known.
26 Sep 2016
China's Status In EU Trade Defence Investigations (And Why It Matters To Britain)
China trade relations are making headlines, with China's appetite for future investment in the UK in the balance as the newly-minted British government hesitates over the involvement of Chinese companies in the UK's infrastructure.
9 Aug 2016
The Effect Of Brexit On The (Rest Of The) EU
The UK referendum vote to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, and the subsequent paroxysms of British politics, have held us all captivated.
European Union
22 Jul 2016
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