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United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Signed
The leaders of Canada, the United States, and Mexico have signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Prime Minister Trudeau, President Trump
4 Dec 2018
Business And Human Rights - UK NCP (Partially) Accepts Complaint In Relation To The Royal Windsor Horse Show
On 7 November 2018, the UK NCP issued its Initial Assessment of a complaint from the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) against HPower Group Limited (HPG).
21 Nov 2018
Customs, Borders And Digital Protectionism - The Imperfect Storm
To build on the findings from our whitepaper Protectionism 2.0: Digital forces driving the new protectionist agenda, our latest podcast sees Gowling WLG's Ursula Johnston and Sean Giles ...
20 Nov 2018
Creating A New World Digital Trade Order Is No Mean Feat
The widely reported - and still ongoing - China-US trade war is still very potent as the 'tit for tat' nature sees almost weekly retaliations by each country to respective trade tariffs on goods and services.
14 Nov 2018
Delivering Data Cohesion In A Fragmented World
In an ever-more digital and data-driven world, it will become increasingly important for General Counsel to be able to navigate the web of digital protectionist laws (laws that prevent the overseas...
13 Nov 2018
Staying In The Technology Race - Avoiding Protectionist Pitfalls
It is vital for law firms and in house counsel that they are at the forefront when advising on the specifics and legalities of the technology supply chain...
9 Nov 2018
USMCA Updates Financial Services Free Trade Chapter
Chapter 17 of the draft United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement ("USMCA") has updated the terms of Chapter 14 (Financial Services) of NAFTA. While many of the revisions appear to address technical...
9 Nov 2018
Our Global Digital Future Is Under Threat - From Protectionism
The standard weaponry of so-called trade wars are tariffs and quotas - observe the most recent tensions between the US and China ...
8 Nov 2018
Disruptions Provide Opportunities In The Automotive Industry: How Transfer Pricing Can Help
Record vehicle sales around the world have been motivated, in large part, by expanding global trade agreements that make the buying and selling of automobiles relatively easy.
29 Oct 2018
Back To Basics: Distributing Cosmetics And Perfumery Products In The UAE
Gowling WLG's Gowling WLG's commercial/intellectual property team team looks at the mandatory steps that need to be taken to import and put cosmetics and perfume products on the UAE market.
United Arab Emirates
17 Oct 2018
Cross-Border E-Commerce Operators: Be Vigilant From 2019
In this insight, we proposed several points to be considered when operating import issues in China via the cross-border e-commerce channel ...
15 Oct 2018
Customs & Trade Compliance - Brexit Preparation
The future of UK's trading relations with its former EU partner states, and the rest of the world, is uncertain.
12 Oct 2018
The USMCA: What Does It Mean For Patents And The Pharmaceutical Industry?
In a joint statement on September 30, 2018, the United States and Canadian Governments announced that they reached an agreement, alongside Mexico, on a new, modernized trade agreement for the 21st century.
9 Oct 2018
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement
President Donald Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement "one of the WORST Trade Deals ever made."
4 Oct 2018
Brexit: Customs & Trade
Brexit will cause a fundamental change in the way the UK trades with the EU. The guide is intended to provide practical advice to assist businesses to start to prepare for this change
European Union
1 Oct 2018
Brexit And State Aid
There has been considerable political debate surrounding the possible increase in state funding and intervention that may result from Brexit.
European Union
1 Oct 2018
Canada's Trade Relationship With The USA Today: The Upside Down (Video)
On Sept. 7, Gowling WLG and the City of Hamilton hosted a public summit at Hamilton's City Hall exploring the key challenges facing Hamilton's steel industry - with an emphasis on current obstacles posed by new U.S. tariffs.
27 Sep 2018
Protectionism And Tech's Raw Materials
The technology we increasingly rely on every day such as phones, tablets and personal computers are made up of different components. These components and other parts are made using raw materials ...
25 Sep 2018
The Impact Of Brexit On Existing UK Company Law And Its Future Development
Every business involved in UK automotive is organised into some form of corporate entity which, usually, provides limited liability to its owners and a clear control structure through the board of directors.
European Union
19 Sep 2018
What Might Brexit Mean For International Disputes?
International supply arrangements give rise to the risk of cross-border disputes.
European Union
10 Sep 2018
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