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The Singapore Mediation Convention: A Game Changer?
UNCITRAL has approved the wording of the Convention on the Enforcement of International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation and has resolved to name it the Singapore Mediation Convention.
6 Sep 2018
Iranian Sanctions – The Fate Of The JCPOA (Continued)
On 7 August 2018, following months of escalating tensions between the US and Iran over the future of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Trump administration re-imposed sanctions against Iran
United States
17 Aug 2018
VAT And Customs Duty After Brexit: Preparing For The Unknown
It has been over two years since the Brexit vote. Despite recent agreement within cabinet (and the subsequent resignations), a deal is yet to be agreed with Brussels.
9 Aug 2018
Sanctions – Update On Recent Developments
The international sanctions landscape has changed, significantly, over the past month as geo-political tensions increase.
4 Jul 2018
EU Slides On Customs Controls And Future Relationship
The EU is quietly but surely progressing with its Brexit preparations. Whilst the Westminster bubble and UK media continues to theorise the relative advantages/disadvantages of variants around a customs union ...
European Union
8 Jun 2018
Sanctions And Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018
The Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 received Royal Assent on 23 May 2018. Prior to this Act the UK's domestic sanctions regimes were confined to terrorism legislation.
7 Jun 2018
Professor Anthony Julius: Inaugural Lecture As Chair In Law And The Arts At UCL (Video)
Deputy Chairman and Director of The Academy at Mishcon de Reya, Professor Anthony Julius, joins UCL in his first lecture as the inaugural Chair in Law and the Arts, the first role of its kind in the United Kingdom.
9 Apr 2018
Reversing A Tribunal's Negative Jurisdiction Decision
Successful challenges to arbitral awards made in London are rare. It is also unusual for the English courts to be asked to consider the scope of protections arising under a bilateral investment treaty.
21 Mar 2018
Who Regulates The TV You Watch And Might Brexit Change The Channel?
69% of UK adults get their news from TV. Of course, the picture is more complicated than that and is changing fast: according to Ofcom only half of 16-24 year olds say they use TV for news compared to 90% of those aged 65+.
9 Feb 2018
Amendments To The Sanctions And Anti-Money Laundering Bill
The Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill began its report stage in the House of Lords on 15 January 2018.
29 Jan 2018
Iraq And Kurdistan - A Sanctions Update
In a referendum held on 25 September 2017, the people of the self-governing Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq voted overwhelmingly in favour of independence.
21 Nov 2017
Bumper New Year Edition - That Age Old Problem Won´t Retire
In a previous bulletin, we discussed the impact of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 ('the Regulations') that came into force on 1 October 2006. The Regulations protect employees, applicants and contract workers from discrimination, harassment or victimisation on the basis of their age (or perceived age). Just as employers are updating their processes to conform to the Regulations, a recent High Court action may force us all to rethink our approach.
11 Jan 2007
Fraud Watch (January 2007)
Welcome to the January edition of Mishcon Fraud Watch, prepared by the Corporate Investigations & Asset Recovery Group at Mishcon de Reya. Its aim is to provide businesses and their advisors with a snapshot of what has been happening in the world of fraud in the last month.
10 Jan 2007
Plus ca change, plus c´est la même change
This month we deal with a variety of topical issues, ranging from the current state of the Working Time Regulations op-out to proposed consultation obligations in relation to company pension schemes.
16 Jun 2005
Sex Discrimination - Changes in the Pipeline
The Government has launched consultation on proposed changes to the Sex Discrimination Act ("SDA"), expected to be implemented on 1 October 2005. In this month's briefing, we highlight the main changes. We also report on a recent Court of Appeal case which focused on whether employees are entitled to holiday pay under the Working Time Regulations when they are on long-term sick leave.
25 May 2005
Time´s Up For The Opt-Out?
This month we will highlight new proposals from the European Commission which, if ratified, will restrict the use of the opt-out from the 48-hour maximum working week. In addition, we will also report on recent changes to the Disability Discrimination Act which have broadened its scope, providing increased protection for disabled employees and increased complexity for employers.
5 Nov 2004
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