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EFTA Court Judgment On Limitation Period For Damages Claims
The EFTA Court found that the principle of equivalence dictates that national procedural law must remain neutral in relation to the origin of the rights invoked.
European Union
7 Nov 2018
New European Commission Proposal For Directive On Collective Representative Actions
On 11 April 2018, the European Commission (the "Commission") published a new proposal on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers ...
European Union
16 Jul 2018
ECJ Rules On Validity Of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Clauses In Intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty
The proceedings were initiated on the basis of the Czechoslovakia-Netherlands BIT.
European Union
2 May 2018
Court Of Justice Of European Union Rules On Jurisdiction Clauses In Pan-European Contracts
A few months later, Malcon learnt that an amicable settlement had been reached by Iraq and BBT.
European Union
12 Sep 2017
Court Of Justice Of European Union Clarifies Rules On Limitation Periods Under Sales And Guarantees Directive
The vehicle bought by Mr. Ferenschild was ultimately registered on 7 January 2011.
European Union
11 Sep 2017
Court Of Justice Of European Union Lowers Evidence Standard In Vaccine-Liability Case
Under Article 4 of the Directive, a person injured by a defective product should prove the damage, the defect and the causal relationship between defect and damage.
European Union
11 Aug 2017
Court Of Justice Of European Union Holds That Online Sharing Platform "The Pirate Bay" Is Making Acts Of Communication To The Public
Applying these principles to the case at hand, the ECJ first found that users of TPB were given access to copyright-protected works at all times and in all places.
European Union
11 Aug 2017
Advocate-General Of Court Of Justice Of European Union Issues Opinion On Louboutin's Red Sole
In 2012, Van Haeren started selling high-heeled women's shoes with red soles.
European Union
11 Aug 2017
European Union
21 Jun 2017
Significant Cartel Developments At EU Level In April/May 2017
In addition, the ECJ confirmed that Pacific Fruit's conduct restricted competition by object.
European Union
20 Jun 2017
Court Of Justice Of European Union Outlaws Belgian Ban On Advertising For Dental Care
In view of these arguments, the Court requested the ECJ to assess the compatibility of the Belgian measures within these three sets of EU rules.
European Union
19 Jun 2017
Court Of Justice Of European Union Holds That Multimedia Players Integrating Hyperlinks To Movies Infringe Copyright
The Referring Court stayed the proceedings and referred two questions for a preliminary ruling to the ECJ.
European Union
24 May 2017
European Union
17 May 2017
Advocate General Wahl Offers Guidance On The Criteria To Identify Excessive Prices In Abuse Of Dominance Case Concerning Latvian Collecting Society AKKA/LAA
The matter came before the ECJ by way of a request for a preliminary ruling from the Latvian Supreme Court.
European Union
16 May 2017
Court Of Justice Rules That Flemish Language Decree Violates EU Law On Free Movement Of Goods
On 21 June 2016, the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (the "ECJ") handed down a judgment in response to a request for a preliminary ruling from the Ghent Commercial Court...
13 Jul 2016
European Commission Proposes E-Commerce Package
The Proposed Regulations implement, in part, the Digital Single Market Strategy which the Commission adopted on 6 May 2015.
European Union
13 Jul 2016
Advocate General Court Of Justice Of European Union Confirms Validity Of Prohibition On Price Reductions For Tobacco Products
The supermarket chain had sold tobacco products at a unit price below the price indicated on the revenue stamp affixed by the manufacturer or importer and had applied several types of discounts to tobacco products.
European Union
13 May 2016
Court Of Appeal Permits Repackaging Of Parallel Import Pharmaceuticals
On 14 September 2015, the Court of Appeal of Mons permitted parallel imported pharmaceutical products to be repackaged and sold in package sizes that are predominant on the Belgian market.
16 Nov 2015
European Commission Rejects Antitrust Complaint Concerning Ban On Rotary Valves In Motorcar And Motorcycle Racing Engines
Between 1993 and 2008, BRV had been contracted to collaborate with a number of vehicle engine manufacturers for the purpose of equipping Formula One and MotoGP engines with rotary valve technology.
European Union
11 Apr 2012
Report On REACH Regulation Enforcement Efforts: Overwhelming Number Of Companies Still Failing To Comply
Towards end-2011, the EU's Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement published a Facts Report on the Coordinated Forum REACH Enforcement Project.
European Union
14 Mar 2012
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