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Codes Of Responsible Business Conduct: When Good Intentions Become Binding
Voluntary codes of conduct have become common (and even expected) practice as part of a broader corporate social responsibility
28 Jan 2019
Codes Of Responsible Business Conduct When Good Intentions Become Binding
Voluntary codes of conduct have become common (and even expected) practice as part of a broader corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy for companies across all industries.
5 Dec 2018
Ain't That Sweet! Court Excludes Equity Sweeteners From Criminal Interest Rate Calculation
The Supreme Court of British Columbia (Court) has clarified the potential application of Canada's prohibition against charging criminal interest to arm's-length commercial lending transactions that include mechanisms...
7 Nov 2018
Supreme Court Of Canada Rules Duty To Consult Does Not Apply To The Law-Making Process
The Supreme Court of Canada determined that Ministers of the Crown have no duty to consult Aboriginal Peoples in the development of legislation, in its October 11, 2018 decision in Mikisew Cree First Nation v. Canada.
16 Oct 2018
Background Checks By Province: What Employers Need To Know
Background screening job candidates is an important part of an employer's recruitment process, helping to identify the best-qualified candidates and manage potential risks associated with...
27 Jun 2017
Beyond Borders: B.C. Court Rules U.S. Resident Has Aboriginal Right To Hunt In Canada
On March 27, 2017, in an unprecedented decision, the Provincial Court of British Columbia ruled in R. v. DeSautel to recognize the aboriginal rights of a First Nation whose members reside in the United States ...
11 Apr 2017
Court Of Appeal Upholds Law Society Of Upper Canada's Decision To Not Accredit Proposed Law School
Religious freedom versus equality rights: how do we balance competing rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter)?
13 Jul 2016
Quebec Bill To Modify Provisions Of Charter Of The French Language
On December 5, 2012, Quebec's Parti Québécois minority government introduced Bill 14 entitled "An Act to amend the Charter of the French language, the Charter of human rights and freedoms and other legislative provisions" in the provincial legislature.
10 Dec 2012
Alberta Oil Sands And Construction Employers Ramp Up Drug And Alcohol Testing
On June 20, 2012, major oil sands industry employers and labour providers announced their participation in the Drug and Alcohol Risk Reduction Pilot Project (DARRPP), sparking debate about the permissibility of the two-year pilot project under human rights law.
19 Oct 2012
R. v. Kapp
The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in “R. v. Kapp”, released June 27, 2008, is the first case to formulate a legal test which informs the proper implementation of ameliorative measures or affirmative action programs targeting disadvantaged groups.
4 Jul 2008
Privacy And Copyright — An Increasingly Volatile Mixture
While privacy issues have not historically been of major concern to copyright lawyers, the increased importance of privacy issues generally and the desire of some copyright owners to obtain increasing amounts of information about individual users of copyright works has put these two areas of law on a collision course. This article examines two copyright issues where privacy concerns have recently made an impact.
17 Sep 2006
Balancing Technology And Privacy At Work
The use of biometric technology in the workplace is gaining the interest of many as technology improves and security concerns escalate.
10 Sep 2006
Age Discrimination in Pension Plans
Age discrimination in the pension world comes in various forms, including mandatory retirement provisions, timing of receipt of benefits and disparate employer contributions, to name a few. While contrary to human rights principles, federal and provincial laws create exemptions for aged-based discrimination that is incidental to a pension plan. Employers designing and administering pension plans can also rely on a Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) case providing basic guidelines on when age-discrimi
12 Oct 2005
Duty To Accommodate — Recent Québec Decisions
Over the last few years, Québec courts and tribunals have rendered many interesting decisions discussing an employer’s duty to accommodate employees who are handicapped or have special needs.
5 Oct 2005
Accommodation — How Far Must Employers Go?
Canadian human rights legislation prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on various prohibited grounds. One of the most difficult challenges for employers is fulfilling the duty to accommodate employees to the point of undue hardship. Recent trends demonstrate that discrimination and accommodation issues are increasingly complex, forcing employers to consider questions they are not always well-equipped to answer. For example, aging workforces, treatment of individuals with cog
1 Feb 2005
New Prohibitions Against Psychological Harassment In Québec
Most employers are well aware of their obligations to protect employees from sexual harassment and infringement of other human rights in the workplace. In Québec, the decision has been made to broaden the scope of the protection with a prohibition against psychological harassment—a first in any North American jurisdiction.
16 Nov 2004
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