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DFARS And DIB: Compliance Steps For DoD's Newly Finalized Cybersecurity Rules For Contractors
For businesses that work with the U.S. DoD, two important rules for safeguarding certain categories of sensitive information and reporting cyber incidents were recently finalized, updating the interim rules...
United States
5 Dec 2016
Towards A UK Investment Act?
Against the background of UK policy moving towards a more nationally-led trade and investment policy following this summer's referendum...
15 Nov 2016
What Happens When My Company Receives A National Security Letter? A Primer
Even today, most companies—even technology companies—do not think they have information that the U.S. Government wants or needs, particularly as it might relate to a national security investigation.
United States
20 Oct 2016
NY DFS Adopts Final Anti-Terrorism And Anti-Money Laundering Regulation
On June 30, 2016, the New York Department of Financial Services ("NY DFS") adopted a final anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering regulation...
United States
18 Jul 2016
FinCEN Proposes Funding Portals Regulations Under Bank Secrecy Act
On April 4, 2016, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a bureau of the Department of the Treasury ("FinCEN"), proposed amendments to the definitions of ''broker or dealer in securities''...
United States
15 Apr 2016
China Passes (De) Encryption Cyber Law
On December 27, 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's national legislative body, passed the Counter-Terrorism Law of China, which entered into force on January 1, 2016.
14 Jan 2016
New York State Department Of Financial Services Superintendent's Regulations Impose Strict Senior Officer Certification Requirements On Financial Institutions
The last four years has seen a trend of increased law enforcement and regulatory investigations into financial institutions for sanctions violations and anti-money laundering, or Bank Secrecy Act ("BSA"), compliance.
United States
4 Jan 2016
DoD Cybersecurity Rules Expand Contractors' And Other DoD Awardees' Obligations To Safeguard Sensitive Data And Report Cyber Incidents
The United States Department of Defense recently published two new rules that impose broader obligations to safeguard information that falls within specified categories of sensitive data and to report cyber incidents to the government.
United States
23 Dec 2015
Former Aerospace Engineer Pleads Guilty To Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets Intended For Iran
According to an FBI press release, a former Pratt & Whitney engineer, Mr. Mozaffar Khazaee of Connecticut, pleaded guilty to violating the Arms Export Control Act by attempting to send to Iran export-controlled trade secrets ...
United States
24 Mar 2015
JMLSG Board Has Published Draft Guidance On Private Equity For Consultation
On October 29, the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) published for comment, a revised anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing guidance on Private Equity.
European Union
11 Nov 2014
CYBER-SYMBOLISM? DOJ Announces First-Of-Its-Kind Prosecution Of State Actors—But Does It Matter?
The U.S. Justice Department has charged members of the Chinese military with allegedly engaging in economic espionage against American companies.
United States
22 May 2014
Council Of The EU Presidency Compromise Proposal On MLD4
On March 3, the Council of the EU published a compromise proposal (dated January 28, 2014) on the European Commission’s proposed Directive on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing (known as the Fourth Money Laundering Directive or MLD4).
European Union
18 Mar 2014
The DoD Issues New Interim Rule On PV Devices
The Department of Defense recently issued an interim rule amending the applicable Defense Federal Regulation Acquisition Supplement related to country of origin determinations for photovoltaic devices covered by a DoD contract.
United States
10 Jan 2014
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