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Brexit: The Rocky Road Ahead
Are we heading towards no deal, "blind Brexit" or something else altogether? We look at what to expect in the final months of the Brexit negotiations.
European Union
20 Sep 2018
The Brexit Effect On EU Domain Name Ownership
The European body responsible for .eu domain name registrations, EURid, has recently published a press release addressing whether businesses will be able to maintain their .eu domain name...
20 Sep 2018
Brexit White Paper: How Will The EU React?
With the Brexit timetable becoming increasingly tight, the UK government has finally set out the details of the post-Brexit relationship it wants with the EU in a White Paper.
23 Jul 2018
German Perspective On Brexit (Video)
London Managing Partner of the leading German law firm Noerr, Thomas Schulz, recently spoke to us to provide an insight into how the UK's decision to leave the EU is perceived in Germany.
European Union
16 Jul 2018
Brexit: Why Court Challenges Aren't Working (Yet)
Recent weeks have seen court rulings in a number of Brexit-related cases, several of which were crowd-funded by the Good Law Project, a pro-bono organisation which aims to...
European Union
6 Jul 2018
Kicking The Can Down The Road
Amendments to some of the provisions dealing with Northern Ireland were accepted, albeit with some changes.
25 Jun 2018
Labour's Amendment: Do They Mean An Association Agreement?
Ahead of next week's key Parliamentary votes on the Withdrawal Bill, the Labour Party has tabled an amendment calling on the government to negotiate "full access to the internal market...
7 Jun 2018
Brexit Roundup: Norway, Operation Stack And A Tale Of 2 Backstops
The last few weeks have seen the media focussing on the debate within the government about its preferred post-Brexit customs model.
European Union
29 May 2018
Pensions Radar - April 2018
Pensions Radar is a quarterly listing of expected future changes in UK law affecting work-based pension schemes.
2 May 2018
Brexit And Financial Services: One Year To Go, But Where Are We Going?
It has been exactly twelve months since the UK submitted its notification of withdrawal from the EU under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.
4 Apr 2018
A Closer Look At The Draft Withdrawal Agreement
This week, we take look at some of the technical detail of the draft Withdrawal Agreement, focussing on some of the provisions most relevant to businesses.
European Union
3 Apr 2018
A Green, Yellow And White Brexit
On Monday, EU and UK negotiators published a colour-coded draft of the Withdrawal Agreement – green for provisions which are largely agreed already, yellow for provisions ...
22 Mar 2018
Brexit: Are We Any Clearer About Anything?
The last two weeks have seen major speeches on Brexit from opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and UK government figures including Theresa May and Philip Hammond, setting out their vision...
European Union
13 Mar 2018
Brexit: In The Courts Again
Two significant Brexit-related court cases were decided last week. On 6 February, the Court of Session in Edinburgh rejected the case on whether Britain could unilaterally withdraw its Article 50 notice.
13 Feb 2018
Opening Salvos Fired In Transition Negotiations
The European Council has agreed its negotiating mandate for the European Commission in the next round of Brexit negotiations, which is expected to focus on transitional arrangements in the period immediately after...
31 Jan 2018
Brexit Roundup: Trade Talks, Transition And The Possibility Of A Second Referendum
After something of a lull following the conclusion of the Phase 1 negotiations before Christmas, Brexit is once again in the news.
19 Jan 2018
Brexit - Is The EFTA/EEA Model Still On The Agenda?
Whilst the recent agreement on phase 1 of the exit negotiations is to be welcomed, as noted in our earlier article "Keep the champagne on ice for now", now comes the difficult part ...
27 Dec 2017
United Kingdom Chapter - The Executive Remuneration Review, Sixth Edition
On 29 March 2017, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, gave the European Council formal notification of the UK's intention to leave the EU.
19 Dec 2017
Keep The Champagne On Ice For Now
As widely reported in the press, the European Commission has announced that, in its view, "sufficient progress" has now been made to allow Brexit talks to advance to the next stage...
European Union
12 Dec 2017
Progress - But Not "Sufficient Progress"
Following Theresa May's speech in Florence, there had been hopes in some quarters of a breakthrough in the Brexit negotiations....
10 Oct 2017
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