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Adjudication Article Series: A Nation Of Talkers? Fair Procedure Under The Constitution And Its Impact On Adjudication
In this series we've touched on some key points relating to the scope of adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act 2013 (the "Act"). We now turn to the broader legal picture and look at how...
15 Oct 2019
WRC Can Dis-apply Irish Law To Ensure Effectiveness Of EU Law
Earlier this year, the Court of Justice of the EU (the "CJEU") ruled that decision-making bodies such as the Workplace Relations Commission can disregard domestic Irish law in making their decision, if they find the domestic...
European Union
13 Aug 2019
Workplace Dispute Resolution In Ireland – Is It Time For Change?
The Supreme Court has ruled that the Workplace Relations Act 2015 can be challenged on its constitutionality before the High Court.
15 May 2019
Insurance Regulatory Update, March 2019
This is the March edition of the Arthur Cox Insurance Regulatory Update, the monthly bulletin of the Arthur Cox Insurance Group focused on recent developments in insurance regulation, law and practice.
8 May 2019
Hot Topics In Construction Law: Spring 2019
Does your contract say what you think? When and how can you enforce under a performance bond? How do you manage the Brexit minefield? These are some of the hot topics crossing the desks of the construction team at Arthur Cox.
1 May 2019
Employment Law – Review And Update On Key Legal Issues
Despite the ambiguity surrounding Brexit, employment law has continued to evolve. While Brexit generally remains in limbo, post-Brexit immigration enjoys a degree of certainty and clarity. For example:
26 Apr 2019
Fund Finance 2019
Ireland is regarded as a key strategic location by the world's investment funds industry. Investment funds established in Ireland are sold in over 70 countries across Europe
27 Mar 2019
Investment Funds Legal & Regulatory Update, March 2019
Welcome to the latest edition of our Asset Management and Investment Funds Legal and Regulatory Update.
21 Mar 2019
Settlement Finality: Ireland Will Implement Recital 7 On A ‘No-Deal' Brexit
In its draft ‘no-deal Brexit' omnibus legislation (the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2019).
12 Mar 2019
Update On BCRs For Companies Which Have The UK Information Commissioner's Office As Their BCR Lead Supervisory Authority
On 12 February 2019, the European Data Protection Board ("EDPB") adopted an information note on Binding Corporate Rules ("BCRs") for companies that have the Information Commissioner's Office ("ICO") as their Lead Supervisory Authority for BCRs.
5 Mar 2019
Regulators Provide Welcome Clarity Amid Continued Brexit Uncertainty
As 29 March looms with uncertainty still surrounding the type of Brexit scenario that will unfold, there have been a number of regulatory developments at EU, UK and Irish level, which should provide some welcome clarity in the event of a hard Brexit.
20 Feb 2019
Brexit: Irish Legislative Update
With 7 weeks to go until Brexit (unless an extension is agreed by the EU and UK to the Article 50 notice), a no-deal Brexit remains a possibility.
14 Feb 2019
Potential Impact Of Brexit On The Export Of Certain High Technology Goods (Dual Use Goods) To The UK
Dual use goods are products and technologies normally used for civilian purposes which may have potential military applications.
European Union
1 Feb 2019
Central Bank Updates Brexit FAQs
The Central Bank has published Brexit FAQs for consumers, which provides information on the potential impact of Brexit on consumers.
16 Jan 2019
Central Bank Publishes Strategic Plan
Whilst the consolidation of the policy framework is a primary strategic priority for 2019-2021, the Strategic Plan refers to two significant challenges that call for particular strategic focus namely,
9 Jan 2019
Oppression Proceedings In Private
Can litigants avoid a public hearing of a shareholder oppression action?
16 Nov 2018
Travelling To The US? Your Devices May Be Searched In Ireland
While proposals announced by the United States government earlier this year requiring those travelling to the US to provide details of all social media accounts caught the media's attention here, a different...
13 Sep 2018
Brexit Update: May 2017
Brexit negotiations are likely to begin in earnest during the week beginning 19 June (after the UK General Election on 8 June).
14 Jun 2017
Supreme Court Confirms Continued Prohibition On Professional Third Party Litigation Funding In Ireland
The Supreme Court of Ireland has confirmed, in its decision in the case of Persona Digital Telephony Ltd v The Minister for Public Enterprise, that professional third party funding...
9 Jun 2017
Brexit: The Great Repeal Bill
The UK Government published its White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill on 30 March 2017, one day after it served notice under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, confirming that it will withdraw from the EU following last year's Brexit referendum.
European Union
5 May 2017
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