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The City Of London Should Not Be Written-Off Just Yet
London has been voted the best city in the world according to Tripadvisor. It has reclaimed its crown beating Paris into second place and Rome into third place.
5 Jun 2019
Brexit Disruption Provides An Opportunity For Businesses
The UK's future international trade may be somewhat opaque at the moment due to the Brexit impasse.
4 Jun 2019
Cross-Border Divorce Some Of The Factors Involved
Separation or divorce is never easy, but there comes a time when there is no other option.
European Union
30 May 2019
UK Businesses Must Develop Agile Strategies To Survive Brexit
As far as Brexit is concerned; at the present time the only thing that all relevant political parties involved agree on is that they cannot agree on the next course of action that should be taken.
European Union
16 May 2019
How To Address The Potential Skills Gap Threatened By Brexit
Companies in the UK that either do business in Europe or depend on EU talent have had two years to consider the consequences of Brexit to their workforce.
30 Apr 2019
Local Authorities Who Have Children Of EU Nationals In Care Must Seek Sound Legal Advice To Assist In Regularising Their Status.
Local authorities that have within their care children born in the UK to EU national parents must take steps to ensure that they do not create another scandal such as seen with the Caribbean "Windrush" generation, ...
20 Mar 2019
Alberto Costa Wins His Brexit Battle But It Costs Him His Job
Alberto Costa, Conservative MP for South Leicestershire, born in Scotland to Italian immigrant parents, achieved the near impossible by uniting the House of Commons on one particular Brexit issue in the face of bitter divisions.
7 Mar 2019
Post Brexit EU Employment Law, MPs To Be Given A Vote
The Prime Minister confirmed that MPs will have a vote on any future rules that the EU introduces in connection with workers' rights following Brexit.
6 Mar 2019
The Government Must Re-Think Its Immigration Red Tape Burden For British Business
The government's immigration proposals, outlined in its White Paper, would see European workers having to obtain a sponsored visa from their employers, has not been well received by businesses, business groups or politicians.
6 Mar 2019
The Progress Of The Immigration And Social Security Co-Ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19
The Public Bill, The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 has reached the committee stage in parliament.
6 Mar 2019
Brexit And The Evolving Damage Limitation Strategies
Brexit concern appears to be gathering rather than abating with leaked strategies and frantic efforts by Mrs. May to seem to be completely confident that she will get a better deal;
6 Mar 2019
National Pen Moves Some Of Its Operation To Tunisia
The considerable efforts that the Tunisian government have made to attract inward investment are paying off.
7 Feb 2019
Commercial Uncertainty For The Cross-Border European Market
All across the EU businessmen and women are slamming on the brakes as the spectre of commercial uncertainty rises higher following the results of the British parliamentary vote.
European Union
5 Feb 2019
Retired Ex-Pats' Health Care Will Be Compromised By A No-Deal Brexit
Of the many anxieties that a no-deal Brexit throws up one of the most emotive and expensive relates to the British ex-pat communities that are found across Europe.
European Union
4 Feb 2019
Is The Brexit Immigration Policy The Best For Britain
The proposed net migration target and visa cap policy that forms one of the key arguments in favour of Brexit has come under fire today with the release of the Institute of Economic Affairs' (IEA) latest report.
18 Jan 2019
Is The Brexit Immigration Policy The Best For Britian?
The IEA has put forward a number of suggestions to avoid a crisis in the affected industry sectors and also placate the British public and modulate the fears that unrestricted immigration creates.
15 Jan 2019
A No-Deal Brexit May Be Illegal
The threat of a no-deal Brexit is creeping ever closer with no obvious plan B visible from Theresa May and her Brexit team, it comes as no surprise that the risk that there may be shortages of vital medicines and other supplies is now looming.
10 Jan 2019
Brexit, The Final Run
The Brexit clock keeps relentlessly ticking, counting down to an as yet unknown future for the UK.
European Union
9 Jan 2019
Business In Europe After Brexit
This may be easier than you think with the assistance of multi-lingual, multi-jurisdictional lawyers with offices both in the UK and your chosen UK country.
20 Dec 2018
Critical Brexit Debate
Last minute issues have the potential to alter the Brexit question and also affect what may happen next.
10 Dec 2018
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