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Supreme Court Gives Green Light To Pan-Canadian Securities Regulator
On November 9, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in the Reference re Pan-Canadian Securities Regulation, holding that the proposed pan-Canadian securities regulatory framework ...
19 Nov 2018
Supreme Court Holds National Securities Act To Be Unconstitutional
In a long-awaited decision released yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously held that the proposed Canadian "Securities Act" is unconstitutional as presently drafted, frustrating the hopes of those (including the federal government, the Province of Ontario, the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, among other intervenors) who had sought to replace the current system of 13 different provincial and territorial securities regulators with a si
29 Dec 2011
Canada to Tax Income Trusts and Publicly Traded Partnerships
On November 7, 2006, Canada’s Parliament passed a motion approving the Minister of Finance’s proposals to introduce an entity-level tax on distributions from income trusts and certain publicly-listed Canadian partnerships. The proposed rules, which were announced on October 31, 2006, are intended to eliminate the tax imbalance created by income trusts and aim to tax such entities in the same general manner as corporations. In doing so, the government sought to stem the tide of corpor
16 Nov 2006
Recent Developments In Competition Law
Recent developments in competition law include new jurisprudence on the interpretation of the abuse of dominance provisions, increased resources for criminal cartel enforcement and new guidance on merger review.
7 Nov 2006
CIPO Restores Flexibility for Those in the Alcohol and Beer Industries
In a Practice Notice issued earlier this month, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ("CIPO") stated that including "wine" and "beer" in descriptions of wares and services will now be considered sufficiently specific to satisfy paragraph 30(a) of the Trade-marks Act.
24 Aug 2006
Federal Budget Proposes Changes Related To Pension Plans
The latest federal budget proposes temporary relief for companies sponsoring defined benefit pension plans that are faced with significant pension solvency funding obligations. However, this temporary relief will only be available to pension plans that are registered under the federal Pension Benefits Standards Act.
19 May 2006
Department Of Finance Announces Consultations On Tax Issues Related To Income Trusts And Other Flow-Through Entities
In connection with statements made in the 2005 Federal Budget, the Department of Finance released a consultation paper (the "Consultation Paper") today titled Tax and Other Issues Related to Publicly Listed Flow-Through Entities.
12 Sep 2005
Nova Scotia Announces Increases To The Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit
On March 8, 2005, Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm announced that the Nova Scotia Government has extended the province’s film tax credit for an additional ten years. The Government also announced that it is increasing the tax credit as follows:
22 Mar 2005
Minister of Industry Tables Amendments to the Competition Act
On November 2, 2004, the Honourable David Emerson, Minister of Industry, tabled amendments to the Competition Act.
16 Nov 2004
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