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The Brazilian Investment Partnerships Program
One of the first measures adopted by the Vice-President Michel Temer, who is now the Head of the Brazilian Executive Branch as a result of the process of impeachment of Dilma Rousseff ..
20 May 2016
Foreign Capital In Brazilian Airline Companies
According to the Brazilian Aviation Code (Código Brasileiro de Aeronáutica – CBA), the exploration of public air services in Brazil depends on: ..
3 Mar 2016
Action Of Unavailability Of Goods, Values And Rights As A Result Of The United Nations Security Council's Resolutions
Law No. 13,170, of October 16, 2015 (Law 13,170/2015) regulates the action of unavailability of goods, values and rights to possession or ownership and all other real or personal rights directly or indirectly held by individuals or legal entities subject to this kind of sanction for resolutions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
3 Feb 2016
New Developments On Financing Of Infrastructure Projects In Brazil
The Brazilian government has adopted two important measures by means of federal decrees, both dated April 1st, 2013, in order to facilitate the financing of infrastructure projects in Brazil.
5 Apr 2013
Foreign Investments In Brazilian Real Estate Investment Funds Are No Longer Subject To The Tax On Exchange Transactions (IOF)
By means of Decree No. 7894, of January 30, 2013 (Decree 7894/2013), published in the Official Gazette of the Union of January 31, 2013, the Brazilian government decided to reduce from 6% to zero the Tax on Exchange Transactions (Imposto sobre Operações de Crédito, Câmbio e Seguro, ou relativas a Títulos ou Valores Mobiliários - IOF) in the exchange transactions made as from January 31, 2013, for the acquisition of units (quotas) of local Real Estate Investment Funds (Fundos de Investimento Imob
4 Feb 2013
The Brazilian Federal Government Reduces The Cost Of The Insurance Guarantee For Public Infrastructure Projects
A day after announcing the largest program of public concessions on roads and railways, aiming to foster investments in the country's infrastructure, estimated in the approximate aggregate value of R$ 133 billion, the Brazilian Federal Government decided to reduce the cost of the insurance guarantee (seguro-garantia
20 Aug 2012
New Rules On Export Financing Transactions In Brazil
With the general shortage of credit in the international market which resulted of the global crisis, the Brazilian Government decided to reverse a measure adopted in last March.
1 Jul 2012
Brazil Eliminates The IOF On Foreign Investments On Shares And Private Securities
As of December 1, 2011 the Brazilian government decided to attract and foster the return of foreign investors to the Brazilian market by reducing to zero the applicable rate of the Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF) levied on foreign investments in shares and private securities.
2 Dec 2011
Brazil Extends The IOF Tax To Loans Of Up To Two Years
By means of Decree No 7,457, of April 6, 2011, the Brazilian Federal Government extended, as of April 7, 2011, the 6.0% Tax on Exchange Transactions (IOF) which is due in the case of entry of funds arising out of short-term foreign loans to operations of up to 720 days, including symbolic exchange transaction for the renewal, renegotiation or transfer of existing loans.
7 Apr 2011
Brazil Increases The IOF Tax On Foreign Loans Up To 360 Days
By means of Decree No. 7,456, of March 28, 2011, the Brazilian Federal Government decided to increase to 6% the applicable rate of the tax on exchange transactions (IOF) assessed on the entry of funds into the country or through symbolic exchange transactions for any foreign currency loans contracted as from March 29, 2011 with an average minimum maturity term of up to 360 days.
5 Apr 2011
The Government Policy in Relation to the Acquisition of Brazilian Rural Land by Foreigners
As a result of the agribusiness expansion in Brazil, the increase of commodity prices in the international market, the growing importance of biofuels, the more intense exploitation of the subsoil and the need to preserve forests and grasslands, rural lands became assets of great economic importance in the country.
23 Mar 2011
Recent Defensive Measures Adopted by the Brazilian Government Against the International Currency War
The Finance Minister and the Central Bank of Brazil ("Banco Central do Brasil" - Bacen) continues to act jointly to sustain the value of the national currency ("Real") vis-à-vis other foreign currencies in the exchange market, specially in light of the constant depreciation of the United States Dollar and the Chinese Yuan, which adversely affects the Brazilian production.
19 Jan 2011
Brazil Increases Again The IOF Rate
The tax on credit and exchange transactions, insurance and securities (Imposto sobre Operações de Crédito, Câmbio e Seguro, ou relativas a Títulos ou Valores Mobiliários - IOF) in Brazil is assessed on the amount of bank loans and similar transactions, on the amount of foreign currency purchased or sold, on insurance premiums and the price of securities purchased or sold.
22 Oct 2010
Brazil Opens the Possibility to Review of the Status of the Countries or Dependencies Classified as Favored Taxation Jurisdictions or Privileged Fiscal Regimes
The latest list of favored taxation and privileged fiscal regimes countries and dependencies announced by the Secretary of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office ("Receita Federal do Brasil" – RFB), through RFB Normative Instruction nº 1037, of June 4, 2010, which included Switzerland as a favored taxation jurisdiction and the Dutch Holding Companies as privileged fiscal regime entities, disliked many people who did not agree with such classification!
29 Jun 2010
Brazilian Tax Authorities Issue a New List of Favored Taxation Countries
On June 4, 2010, the Secretary of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office ("Receita Federal do Brasil" – RFB) issued RFB Normative Instruction nº 1037, which contains an updated list of favored taxation countries ("países com tributação favorecida") formed by the so-called "tax haven countries" ("paraísos fiscais").
10 Jun 2010
The First Non-Sponsored Brazilian Depositary Receipts - Level I - to be Traded in Brazil
On April 28, 2010, the Brazilian Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBOVESPA S.A – Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias e Futuros – BVMF) announced that the first 10 Non-Sponsored Brazilian Depositary Receipts (BDRs) Level I, which represent stocks issued by foreign companies that are traded in Brazil, will be: Apple (click link below to read more)
6 May 2010
Brazil Releases Exchange Controls
On March 24, 2010, the Brazilian Monetary Council (Conselho Monetário Nacional – CMN) and the Central Bank of Brazil (Banco Central do Brasil – Bacen) adopted a series of measures to consolidate and simplify the normative acts and proceedings applicable to the international capitals and the exchange market regulations in our jurisdiction.
29 Mar 2010
Recent Measures Adopted By The Brazilian Government Which Affect The Financial And Capital Markets
The purpose of this article is to present an overview of the recent measures adopted by the Brazilian Government which deal with the financial and capital markets and deserve to be highlighted to those individuals and legal entities interested in investing in Brazil.
17 Feb 2010
Brazil Adopts Thin Capitalization Rules
Until very recently it was true to state that there were no rules on thin capitalization in Brazil which prevented foreign companies to use intercompany loans instead of direct equity investments in order to transfer funds to finance the activities of their Brazilian subsidiaries.
19 Jan 2010
The Newly Consolidated Brazilian Foreign Exchange Market
At a special session of March 4, 2005, the Brazilian Monetary Council approved Resolution Nº 3265 that simplifies the exchange rules theretofore in force and are part of the broader effort of economic reforms aimed at boosting the Brazilian economic production.
6 May 2005
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