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Pleading "Sufficient Particularity": Technical Trade Secrets Require More
It's common sense that, to protect a trade secret, the information must remain secret. However, when trade secret misappropriation claims arise...
United States
8 Oct 2019
Pleading "Sufficient Particularity": Technical Trade Secrets Require More
It's common sense that, to protect a trade secret, the information must remain secret.
United States
3 Oct 2019
Key Trends From A Summer Of Non-compete Reform
The start of September means that summer is unofficially over. However, the end of beach season also means that big changes to state non-compete laws are on the horizon.
United States
11 Sep 2019
Huawei Alleges "Selective Prosecution" By The DOJ
In January of this year, the DOJ indicted the Chinese telecom giant Huawei on counts of theft of trade secrets conspiracy, attempted theft of trade secrets, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice.
United States
5 Sep 2019
Does California's Ban On Non-Competes Apply To Business Agreements? The California Supreme Court May Weigh In Shortly.
The Ninth Circuit recently certified a question to the California Supreme Court regarding the scope of California Business & Professions Code Section 16600.
United States
28 Aug 2019
Use Of Out-Of-State Restrictive Covenants Ending Quickly In California
Two years ago, TSW reported on several cases in which corporations outside of California successfully enforced non-compete agreements against California employees.
United States
27 Aug 2019
The DOJ's China Initiative—Protecting Your Assets
As anticipated in May, rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China have led to a series of escalating measures including tariffs and trade investigations.
20 Aug 2019
Global Reach: U.S. Federal Rules Provide Assistance For Discovery In Foreign Matters
Given the overlapping issues, both U.S. courts stayed their cases pending resolution of the Korean action.
United States
9 Aug 2019
Washington Restricts Use of Non-Competition Agreements
An employer must disclose the terms of the non-competition agreement in writing to a prospective employee no later than the time of acceptance of the offer.
United States
6 Aug 2019
Worried About Trade Secret Poaching? Check In With Your Third-Party Service Providers
Hiring external contractors is common practice in the fast-paced tech-industry where talent is scarce and in high-demand, but such a practice can expose a company's most valuable IP
United States
30 Jul 2019
Are State Governments Immune From Suit For Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets?
You are a state-government contractor. You respond to an RFP issued by a state-government entity. In your bid proposal, you submit documents that contain your trade secrets.
United States
26 Jul 2019
Texas Jury Rejects Digital Marketing Company's $50 Million Trade Secret Misappropriation Claim
After a weeklong June trial, a Texas federal jury awarded Six Dimensions, Inc. ("Six Dimensions"), a digital marketing firm, $287,000 for its breach-of-contract claim
United States
25 Jul 2019
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right – Trade Secrets Saga Concludes With No Damages Awarded
On Wednesday, a federal jury in the Eastern District of Texas declined to award any damages to Huawei Technologies Co., the world's largest telecommunications company,
United States
12 Jul 2019
Making Memories: Trade Secrets Need Not Be In Tangible Form To Be Protectable
Developments in technology have led to advanced ways of protecting trade secrets.
United States
27 Jun 2019
Mandatory Reminder: Oregon Subjects Non-Competes To Additional Requirement
Oregon recently enacted HB2992, further limiting its already restrictive non-compete law, which will apply to any agreements entered on or after January 1, 2020
United States
19 Jun 2019
Tariff Chess Match Escalates Between China And The United States
Trade Secrets Watch has been covering the escalating economic tension between China and the U.S., including the U.S. Trade Representative's investigation on China's alleged IP theft ...
United States
10 Jun 2019
Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Your "Reasonable Efforts" To Maintain Trade Secrets
It's among an in-house counsel's worst nightmares. A former business partner, ex-employee, consultant, or competitor has stolen your company's trade secret information. Company management
United States
15 May 2019
Race To The Finish: Autonomous Vehicle Technology At The Forefront Of Alleged Trade Secrets Theft
The stakes couldn't be higher in the race amongst Silicon Valley self-driving companies vying to be the first to bring the industry-changing technology to market.
United States
1 May 2019
RICO Killer: DTSA Non-Retroactivity Wipes Out Racketeering Claim Based On Trade Secret Theft
On May 11, 2016, the U.S. Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) created a federal remedy for trade secret misappropriation and added trade secret theft as an act that can form a predicate for Racketeering
United States
22 Apr 2019
Third Circuit: Spying On Former Employee's Social Media Account Does Not Constitute "Unclean Hands" To Bar Trade Secret Misappropriation Claim
Consider this: a former employee has just left his or her employer and may have taken trade secrets to a competitor.
United States
4 Apr 2019
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