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Patents Comparative Guide
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Russian Federation, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Russian Federation
9 Oct 2019
How Trademarks May Collide With Other IP Subject Matters
Part IV of the Russian Civil Code regulates IP subject matters, which are defined as results of intellectual activities and means of individualization
Russian Federation
23 Sep 2019
The Supreme Court Of Russia Considers The Scope For Patent Amendments
This dispute over the validity of a patent for invention lasted almost two years and a half. It started with the receiving by Rospatent (the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property)...
Russian Federation
23 Sep 2019
Three Consonants
A trademark application No 2016737523 was filed by "Gazpromneft" JSC (a prominent Russian oil company) for the goods in Class 4 and services in Classes
Russian Federation
10 Sep 2019
Patent Office Relies On Report From Academy Of Sciences
After filing a patent application, 18 months elapse before the application is published. After receiving a request for substance examination, the patent office starts the examination procedure.
Russian Federation
3 Sep 2019
Russian Court Issues Controversial Decision In RED SQUARE Case
The Red Square, which is the heart of the Russian capital, is a major tourist attraction. The proclivity of businesses to use such name in their interest may be understandable
Russian Federation
18 Jun 2019
Chicago Takes Root In Russia
An application for a trademark no 2016739384 was filed by Chicago, a Russian beauty parlour from S-Petersburg.
Russian Federation
6 Jun 2019
Pharmaceutical Inventions And Patent Term Extension Procedure
Once the Patent Law entered into effect in 1991, it became possible in Russia to get a national patent directed at pharmaceutical inventions, such as:
Russian Federation
1 May 2019
Chamber Of Patent Disputes Allows Legal Contraband
Luis Caballero, a famous Spanish liquor company filed a trademark application No 2016718658 for goods in Class 33.
Russian Federation
15 Apr 2019
Chamber Of Patent Disputes Cancels Design On Second Attempt
A seemingly simple device was patented as a design, but it took the claimant two attempts to cancel it.
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
Guaraná Antarctica Battles Aqua Antarctica
The word Guaraná has associations with Latin American countries around the equator even in the minds of those who do not know what Guaraná is.
Russian Federation
22 Feb 2019
Designs - A Global Guide 2019 / Chapter Russia
Russian design law is incorporated into Part IV of the Civil Code.
Russian Federation
24 Jan 2019
Pharma Patents: Healing The Rights
Scientists synthesize thousands of substances that could potentially become medicines.
Russian Federation
18 Jan 2019
Analysing The Case Of Lunos v Linos
Despite the seemingly unlimited choice of words and the vast imagination of people, collision between similar words, real or coined, is not infrequent.
Russian Federation
18 Dec 2018
Chapter Russia
In Russia the main source of patent law is Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – ‘the Russian Civil Code'), effective since 1 January 2008 (last amended as of 23 May 2018).
Russian Federation
14 Dec 2018
Can London-Based The Ritz Hotel Limited Register Ritz Paris Mark?
The Patent Office issued a refusal, arguing that the word element 'Paris' was a geographical indication (ie, the capital of France) pointing to the place of rendering services,
Russian Federation
27 Nov 2018
Mitigating Risk Arising From Employee-Created IP Assets
Employee-created intellectual property (IP) assets play an important role in the development of every technology business as well as IP portfolio. Russian domestic laws have specific regulations ...
Russian Federation
12 Nov 2018
Metamorphosis Of The Russian Utility Model Over Their 25-Year History
The turn of 2017 marked 25 years from the day of adoption of the 1992 Patent Law of the Russian Federation, which for the first time provided for a legal concept of a utility model along with patents for inventions.
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2018
Court Rules That Lion Trade Marks Are Too Similar
Several years ago, a company registered a trade mark no 616808 on application no 2015721705 with priority of June 14 2015 for services in Class 41.
Russian Federation
23 Oct 2018
The Problems With Joint Ownership Of Trademarks
The problem of joint ownership of trademarks rarely surfaces on the Russian IP landscape. One of these cases elicits remembrance of a famous story "The Roads we Take" by O'Henry.
Russian Federation
26 Sep 2018
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