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Patents – Weird And Wonderful!
A recent article entitled Why Are There So Many Weird Tech Patents? by Rose Eveleth has an interesting take on patents.
South Africa
4 Oct 2019
When Intelligence Is Artificial
"Powerful AI systems could hold the key to some of the mega challenges facing humanity – from the cure for cancer to workable solutions for reversing climate
South Africa
5 Sep 2019
The industrial Property Act 2019
This article follows one published in April 2017, on the draft Industrial Property Bill which had been published in the Mauritius Government Gazette.
5 Sep 2019
Uber's Biggest Competitor Patents Rider DJ System
Lyft, Uber's biggest competitor in the United States ("US"), recently obtained a patent for a "driver jukebox system" that allows a rider to be the DJ when using a ride-hailing service.
United States
15 Aug 2019
Business in Africa: investment and intellectual property
Exponential economic development across Africa has resulted in a greater necessity for increased protection of intellectual property ("IP") assets on the continent.
South Africa
20 Jun 2019
Fight As A Soldier, Not A Guerrilla
What exactly is unlawful competition? Unlawful competition is often lumped together with IP, and indeed there are obvious links: the common law action of passing off
South Africa
12 Feb 2019
Patent Landscaping: The Road To Success
Patent landscaping analysis, or patent mapping, involves the electronic search and analysis of the vast amount of available online published patent data in order to extract meaningful and valuable technical, business and legal information.
South Africa
11 Oct 2018
Namibia: Introduction Of The Long Anticipated Industrial Property Act, 2012
This is an effective manner of providing protection for international brands which are yet to enter the Namibian market.
South Africa
10 Jul 2018
Design Law: A Welcome Reminder
They further highlight a very important difference between design law in South Africa and design law elsewhere.
South Africa
13 Apr 2018
Amendments To The ARIPO Harare Protocol: Modified Substantive Examination
At the time of this amendment, no provision was made for expediting or for delaying the request for search and examination.
South Africa
8 Mar 2018
Registered Designs: A Welcome Reminder
A recent decision involving registered designs is a reminder of how useful design law can be, in the sense that it can be used to protect an almost limitless range of products.
South Africa
11 Jul 2017
Patents: What Does "Between" Mean?
In the process, the SCA very clearly opted for a purposive interpretation of patent claims.
South Africa
11 May 2017
Mauritius To Strengthen Protection Of IP Rights
There have been some encouraging developments following Mauritius' announcement that it planned to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights ("IPR"), amid global concerns.
27 Apr 2017
South African Patent Decision: Not Shooting From The Hip
This judgment will therefore be very useful for laymen and non-IP specialists.
South Africa
6 Feb 2017
ARIPO Developments: Amended Harare Protocol On Patents And Industrial Designs
The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization's ("ARIPO's") amended Harare Protocol on Patents and Industrial Designs (the "Protocol"), came into effect on 1 January 2017 and includes some important changes.
South Africa
6 Feb 2017
King IV And IP
This all suggests that company directors will be required to take a long-term and big-picture view of their IP assets, and the impacts that these assets might have on others.
South Africa
8 Dec 2016
African IP Update
2016 has been a busy year for IP on the African continent, with developments in Liberia, the Cayman Islands, South Africa, Zambia and Namibia, among others.
8 Dec 2016
An Overview Of South Africa's IP Consultative Framework
The IPCF reflects the DTI's views on South Africa's IP policy position in the form of a consultative instrument.
South Africa
9 Nov 2016
What Does Brexit Mean For IP Protection In The UK
Clients with European Union trade marks, registered designs and EP patents may be wondering what will happen to their IP protection in the United Kingdom now that the nation has voted to leave the EU.
European Union
29 Jun 2016
New Industrial Property Code In Mozambique
On 30 March 2016, a new Industrial Property Code (the "Code") came into force in Mozambique.
27 Apr 2016
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