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Courts Continue To Explore Reach Of PTAB Estoppel & Standards For Assessing Exceptions
Keeping with yesterday's discussion of Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) estoppel in the district courts, a decision from earlier this year on yet another aspect of this estoppel has been recalibrated.
United States
23 Aug 2019
Physical Counterparts Of PTAB Utilized Product Manuals Estopped In Some Districts
District courts continue to grapple with whether or not physical products described by prior art publications of an earlier Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) trial are subject to estoppel.
United States
22 Aug 2019
Podcast: IP(DC): Drug Prices, Political Pressures & Patents
That really ties the hands of plans trying to get lower prices because they can't exclude similar drugs just because they're expensive.
United States
22 Aug 2019
PTAB to Discuss Hearings This Week
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) will host a Boardside Chat webinar this Thursday, August 22, from noon to 1 p.m. ET
United States
21 Aug 2019
Federal Circuit Reverses Court, Revises Swagway v. ITC Opinion To Vacate Holding On Preclusive Effect of ITC Decisions
On August 14, 2019, the Federal Circuit granted the request for panel rehearing.
United States
19 Aug 2019
CAFC Poised To Strike Down PTAB's First POP Decision
As discussed some months back, the PTAB new POP decided its first case in Proppant Express Investments v. Oren Technologies, Case IPR2018-00914.
United States
16 Aug 2019
Precedential PTAB Opinions To Drive APA Challenges
The Federal Circuit's en banc opinion in In re Aqua Products was as massive as it was unfulfilling.
United States
14 Aug 2019
U.S. Imposes Partial Embargo On Venezuela
On August 5, 2019, President Donald Trump issued an "Executive Order on Blocking Property of the Government of Venezuela" (the "Order").
United States
9 Aug 2019
PTAB Continues To Roll Out Precedent
The Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) has been steadily rolling out new precedent since establishing it Precedential Opinion Panel (POP).
United States
8 Aug 2019
PTAB To Address Updates To Trial Practice Guide
The USPTO will host a Boardside Chat webinar on Thursday, August 8, from noon to 1PM (EST) to address recent updates made to the AIA Trial Practice
United States
8 Aug 2019
Will A Takings Challenge To CBM Proceedings Succeed?
Since the Supreme Court's decision in Cuozzo Speed, there has been speculation that there may be an opportunity to attack AIA
United States
7 Aug 2019
Competitor Standing To Evolve For PTAB Appeals?
A perceived lack of Article III standing in appeals from the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) to the Federal Circuit can doom an appeal.
United States
31 Jul 2019
Life Sciences Quarterly (Q2 2019): Patent Litigation - Dos and Don'ts (Video)
They've toned the title down, made it a little more PG rated. So without any further ado, I'll turn it over to Charlotte and Filko.
United States
30 Jul 2019
PTAB Trials 2019 Coming In September
Longest Running PTAB Program in NYC 9/11/19
United States
26 Jul 2019
New Revisions To Trial Practice Guide Announced
The 2019 update mostly revises sections of the Guide that have been outdated since the initial 2012 printing.
United States
24 Jul 2019
PTAB To Discuss Orange Book Patents Thursday
The USPTO is hosting a Boardside Chat webinar on Thursday, July 18, from noon to 1 p.m. ET, to discuss its previous PTAB Orange Book patent/biologic patent study
United States
23 Jul 2019
Stronger Patents Act – Back Again
The Stronger Patents Act just wont go away. While the bill has been introduced several times over the years
United States
18 Jul 2019
Discovery Motion Practice To Become More Commonplace At PTAB
Non-precedential Decision Faults Long-Standing PTAB Practice
United States
16 Jul 2019
Conferring With Your Witness Prior To PTAB Redirect?
Discussing testimony with a witness during a PTAB deposition is a "no-no"….kinda.
United States
16 Jul 2019
Licensors Attempt To Leverage NDAs To Avert PTAB Review
As discussed a few weeks back, licensors have begun to seek cover from the PTAB via forum selection clauses in their licensing agreements.
United States
11 Jul 2019
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