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The UK Ratifies The UPC Agreement
The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is one step away, with ratification by Germany required….However, there remains uncertainty as to German ratification, and whether the UK will...
European Union
30 Apr 2018
EU Commission Publishes Major IP Package: Guidance Given On The EU Approach To SEPs And On The EU IP Enforcement Directive
Last week, the EU Commission published a number of important documents on IP. The full text of the announcement is here.
European Union
5 Dec 2017
Actavis v. Eli Lilly*: Back to the Future—The UK Supreme Court Changes the Test for Patent Infringement
The UK Supreme Court rarely hears patent cases, and will only hear cases that it considers to be fundamentally important. The court's July 12 judgment is most significant for changing the test for infringement in the United Kingdom, widening the scope for infringement by equivalence.
17 Jul 2017
The Future European Patent System: Update On The Latest News - Spring 2016
With the ninth Contracting State having ratified the EU Unified Patent Court Agreement, the commencement of the Unified Patent Court is approaching.
European Union
8 Jun 2016
A User's Guide to Patents
The fourth edition of A User's Guide to Patents, authored by Trevor Cook and published by Bloomsbury, provides guidance on the areas of European and UK patent law and procedure that are most important in day-to-day practice.
United States
1 Mar 2016
Enforcement Directive And Harmonisation of Remedies For Intellectual Property Infringement In the EU
Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights harmonises various aspects of civil court procedure and remedies as applied to most types of intellectual property in the European Union.
European Union
11 Aug 2015
Update On The Unitary Patent Court And The European Patent With Unitary Effect
Several recent developments as to the new patent system that will be put into place in Europe in the next couple of years make it timely to update earlier articles in this series on this subject and to provide a progress report on it.
European Union
1 Jul 2015
The Future European Patent System: Update On The Latest News
Following our note "The Future European Patent System: Being Prepared," we report in the attached document on the very latest news on the implementation of the major changes to the European patent system.
European Union
8 Jun 2015
Territoriality And Jurisdiction In EU IP Law
Almost every type of intellectual property right is territorial in nature, and although in the EU some EU-wide unitary intellectual property rights exist, corresponding national rights also persist in most areas of intellectual property in the EU, and will continue to do so.
European Union
15 Aug 2014
The New EU Guidelines On Technology Transfer Agreements
The recent revision by the European Commission of its Guidelines on Technology Transfer Agreements, as well as the Block Exemption, which accompanies it, granting a safe harbour from competition law challenge for certain agreements ..
United States
26 Jun 2014
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