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DOJ And FTC Release New Antitrust Guidelines For Licensing Of Intellectual Property
The new Guidelines include several updates that reflect changes in the law since the 1995 guidelines were issued.
United States
19 Jan 2017
DOJ And FTC Issue New Antitrust Guidelines For Licensing Of Intellectual Property
Updating policies that had been on the books for more than two decades, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission on Jan. 12, 2017, issued new Antitrust Guidelines...
United States
17 Jan 2017
The First Amendment And Trademark Licensing At Public Universities: NORML Rules Apply
Next week (12/14/2016), in a marble tiled courtroom in frosty St. Paul, Minnesota, a panel of judges of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will wrestle with a question that is both as new as the campaign to legalize marijuana and as old as the First Amendment: ..
United States
10 Dec 2016
Meet The 2016 Philadelphia Business Journal Women Of Distinction
Marilou E. Watson was featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal article, "Meet the 2016 Philadelphia Business Journal Women of Distinction."
United States
17 Nov 2016
Top IP Law Firms
Fox Rothschild LLP was featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal list, "Top IP Law Firms."
United States
7 Nov 2016
American Intellectual Property Law Association 2016 Annual Report
Carol E. Thorstad-Forsyth was featured in the American Intellectual Property Law Association's 2016 Annual Report.
United States
22 Oct 2016
No Love For DC!: USPTO Cancels I♥DC Registration For Failure To Function As A Trademark
When is a trademark not a trademark? When it no longer performs the source identification function for which it was adopted.
United States
21 Oct 2016
Getty's One Billion Dollar Mistake
This is not the first time that Getty has been sued for copyright infringement.
United States
2 Sep 2016
Judge Robinson Grants Plaintiff's Motion For Summary Judgment Finding Microsoft Liable To Pay $10 Million Under Patent License Agreement
The general take away is that parties have a right to enter into good and bad contracts – the law enforces both particularly when they involve sophisticated parties.
United States
20 Jun 2016
Fair Use: What The Department Of Commerce has To Say On Remix Activity
On January 28, 2016, The Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force issued a white paper entitled Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy.
United States
12 Apr 2016
Judge Andrews Denies Motion For Attorneys' Fees Of Prevailing Party But Awards Costs
By Memorandum Opinion entered by The Honorable Richard G. Andrews in Pragmatus v. Newegg Inc., Civil Action No. 12-1533-RGA (D.Del., February 18, 2016), the Court denied Defendant Newegg's Motion for Attorneys' Fees but granted its Motion for Costs.
United States
22 Feb 2016
NBA Players: Who Owns The Tats On Your Arm?
As featured in the Washington Post, the artist who inked superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant is suing the makers of the video game NBA 2K16.
United States
11 Feb 2016
Tough PTAB Fight Ahead For Breakthrough Gene-Editing Tech
Gerard P. Norton, Ph.D. was featured in the Law360 article "Tough PTAB Fight Ahead For Breakthrough Gene-Editing Tech".
United States
18 Jan 2016
Chief Judge Stark Dismisses Parties' Implied License Claims And Defenses Based On Lack Of Subject Matter Jurisdiction
By Memorandum Order entered by The Honorable Leonard P. Stark in S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. v. ATI Technologies ULC, et al., the Court dismissed without prejudice the parties' declaratory judgment claims...
United States
22 Dec 2015
Will Trump's Political Soundtrack Play On?
Lincoln Bandlow was featured in the Daily Journal article "Will Trump's Political Soundtrack Play On?"
United States
20 Oct 2015
License On Transfer Network Adds Three New Members
In 2014, a group of America's top technology companies created a unique way to combat the problem of patent assertion entities: the License On Transfer (LOT) Network. Founding members of the LOT Network included Canon, Dropbox, Google, SAP and Ford Motor Company.
United States
5 Oct 2015
Four Essential Steps For Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Navigating intellectual property protections and issues can be a complicated and challenging process for emerging companies.
United States
18 Aug 2015
In The Lead: Inventor Donny Beaver Leans On Other People's Ideas for HalenHardy
Innovator Donny Beaver, HalenHardy LLC's CEO, discovered several different ideas. However, almost all of his inventions actually came from pre-existing products and ideas that he found on the internet.
United States
15 May 2015
High Court Could End Long Ban On Expired-Patent Royalties
In a move that attorneys say could reshape patent licensing negotiations, the U.S. Supreme Court could soon hear arguments in a case that could discard a 50-year-old rule banning royalty agreements...
United States
15 Apr 2015
The Day The Music ... Spied?
The companies perform research, including monitoring social media, to help identify venues that may not be paying required fees.
United States
13 Apr 2015
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