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CJEU Rules On Copyright Protection In The Online Environment
Recently the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an important ruling for copyright holders, providers of online platforms and intermediaries dealing with copyright protection...
European Union
24 Jul 2017
Software Licensees Should Review Software Licences To Address Risks Of Indirect Use
Recently a UK court ruled in favour of the software licensor SAP against Diageo in a case concerning Diageo's indirect use of SAP software.
23 Mar 2017
ECJ: Hyperlinks To Unauthorised Content May Infringe Copyright
The European Court of Justice has clarified that the posting of a hyperlink to unauthorised content protected by copyright and hosted by a third party may result in copyright infringement.
European Union
15 Sep 2016
Anonymous Sellers Of Illegal E-Books More Easily Unmasked
If an anonymous trader sells illegal e-books online, the internet service provider may be ordered to reveal the infringer's identity.
18 Nov 2015
New Copyright Contract Law Aims To Improve Position Of Authors And Performing Artists
A new Copyright Contract Act entered into force in the Netherlands on 1 July 2015. Its objective is to improve the contractual position of authors and performing artists.
14 Sep 2015
New Measures To Counter Abuse Of Intellectual Property In China
China's State Administration of Industry and Commerce has published new rules to reduce abuse of intellectual property rights.
12 Jun 2015
ECJ To Decide On Online Linking To Content Without Copyright Holder's Consent
The Dutch Supreme Court recently delivered its ruling in the GeenStijl/Sanoma case.
12 May 2015
Website’s Local Accessibility Determines Competence Of Court
The ECJ’s judgment was given in a dispute between Ms Hejduk, a photographer who held the copyright to several photographic works, and EnergieAgentur...
European Union
20 Mar 2015
ECJ: Distribution Right Not Exhausted If A Reproduction Changes Medium
If a reproduction of a copyright-protected work has been marketed in the EU with the copyright holder’s consent, it may not be remarketed through a new medium without the copyright holder’s additional consent.
European Union
13 Feb 2015
China Establishes Specialised Intellectual Property Courts
China is often criticised for its lack of protection for intellectual property rights. At the same time, Chinese companies account for a significant portion of intellectual property applications worldwide
23 Nov 2014
The European Court Allows Libraries To Digitise Books Without Copyright Holder’s Consent
The European Court of Justice has further clarified what libraries may do under European copyright law with books in their collection.
European Union
17 Oct 2014
Effective ‘Notice & Take Down’ Procedure Vital For Usenet Provider
The Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled that the activities of Usenet service provider NSE fall under the safe harbour provisions of the E-commerce Directive.
17 Sep 2014
European Court Clarifies When Parody On Copyrighted Work Is Allowed
The European Court of Justice answered preliminary questions about the interpretation of the parody exception under the European Copyright Directive.
European Union
17 Sep 2014
Downloading From Unlawful Sources Is Copyright Infringement
The European Court of Justice has handed down its eagerly awaited decision in ACI Adam v Stichting De Thuiskopie.
19 Apr 2014
ECJ Helps IP Owners Battle Online Sales Of Counterfeit Goods
Good news for rightsholders in the battle against the online sale of counterfeit goods.
European Union
17 Mar 2014
ECJ: Hyperlink No Infringement, Even When Embedded
The ECJ recently rendered its eagerly awaited decision in the Svensson case.
European Union
17 Mar 2014
CJ: One Can Sue Before Any EU Court For Online Infringement
The CJ ruled that the relevant criterion for establishing jurisdiction in online copyright infringement cases is whether copies of the infringed works areaccessible online in the member state of the court addressed.
European Union
27 Jan 2014
Recorded Music Protected For 70 Years And Position Of Lesser Known Artists Improved
Important amendments to a European directive on neighbouring rights were recently implemented in the Netherlands.
17 Dec 2013
.中国 (".China") Domain Names Available For Registration
As of 29 October 2012, the domain name ".中妣8250;" (i.e. China in Chinese characters) is available for separate public registration with Latin alphabets, Arabic numerals, a combination of the two and/or inserting a hyphen.
14 Dec 2012
Stichting BREIN - Landmark Court Decision With Far-Reaching Consequences For The Liability Of Internet Hosting Providers For The Conduct Of Clients
De Brauw has successfully defended anti-piracy foundation BREIN, eliciting a landmark ruling by the District Court of The Hague on 24 October 2012 which marks a new step in BREIN's battle against internet piracy.
13 Nov 2012
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